Eagle Dillemma: Kevin Kolb Or Michael Vick To Start For The 2010-2011 Season?

Alec RogersContributor ISeptember 13, 2010

PHILADELPHIA - SEPTEMBER 12:  Michael Vick #7 of the Philadelphia Eagles warms up before a game against the Green Bay Packers during the NFL season opener at Lincoln Financial Field on September 12, 2010 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)
Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Eagles (starting?) Quarterback Kevin Kolb has only had three career starts in the NFL, the third of which he left yesterday in the first half with a concussion. Backup Michael Vick, already minimally involved on offense for the Eagles, got the chance to take over as the starter for the remainder of the game against the Packers.

This was a huge opportunity for the speed demon, as he hasn't had a chance to lead and NFL offense since his release from jail.

Vick led a 17-point comeback, but still lost to the Packers 27-20 in the end. He threw for 175 yards and on touchdown. More importantly however, the ex-Falcon rushed for 103 yards, averaging 9.4 yards per carry. He is a quarterback, in case anyone forgot

Andy Reid stated in the postgame press conference that Kolb was still the guy. Will his opinion change? Should it? Why?

Reasons to keep Kevin Kolb in as a starter

1. The whole preseason and time in camp was based on a team playing around the offensive leadership of Kevin Kolb.

2. The offensive playbook and team strategies are also based on Kolb taking the snap.

3. Vick has been through a lot of seasons in the league, getting bashed around, and facing jail time. For young players like Jeremy Maclin, DeSean Jackson, and LeSean McCoy, a young quarterback such as Kolb may be a better long-term option than the aging Michael Vick. 

Reasons to bench Kolb and make Vick the Eagles' starting quarterback

1. Vick has that one thing that will always give the Eagles and advantage. If there isn't a great passing option, and Vick's not confident in the play, he'll scramble and take off. Yesterday, his longest run was for 31 yards.

2. While Kolb is often vulnerable to sacks and knockdowns, Vick's elusive style and speed helps him to very rarely get brought down by defenders, as he proved yesterday, time after time.

3. Facts speak for themselves. In the second half, the Eagles had 272 yards of offense and 17 points. If Vick had run a touchdown in on a questionable decision instead of trying to throw it, perhaps the Eagles could have won that game. Vick may be a better short-term solution.

So, who should it be? That's for you, and only you, to decide.

Thank you.