Calvin Johnson's Non-Catch Conceals Chicago Coaches' Colossally Stupid Call

Jack MarchettiCorrespondent ISeptember 13, 2010

Bad Coach
Bad CoachJonathan Daniel/Getty Images

I figured this was going to happen. Get to work this morning, and all I've heard is "That was totally a catch—definitely a catch."

Even in the morning newspaper, columnists have lambasted the call. It was a "technicality." If that wasn't a catch, then what is?

Seriously, do any of these people watch football games?

My favorite argument so far was, "The Bears got lucky."

The Bears did get lucky, but that still wasn't a catch.

The Bears should have lost the game due to porous offensive line play, an inability to hold on to the football, and one of the dumbest pride-induced coaching blunders I've ever seen. Take the lead in the fourth quarter with minutes remaining? No way! Ram it down their throats!


So back to the whole point of this article. It was not a catch. Anyone who watches football games on a regular basis knows it was not a catch. The fact that announcers and some post-game analysts still insist it was a catch says more about their lack of football-watching experience than it does about the play in question.

Yes, Calvin Johnson caught the ball in the air. Yes, he got two feet down. Yes, he even got a knee down. Yes, he even got a hand and an ass down.

The key? If you go to the ground, the ball BETTER NOT hit the ground or pop out. Simple as that. It happens about once a week, if not a few times a month, in the NFL. Someone will make a diving catch toward the sideline, but when he rolls over, the ball pops out, and it's ruled incomplete.

Same thing happened with Calvin Johnson. The play doesn't magically end when his feet or knee come down. This isn't a running back jumping over the line. Remember, the running back doesn't have to complete the act of catching the ball.

Calvin Johnson had it until he didn't. Whether he let go of the ball on his own thinking the play is over, well, you'll have to ask him. It almost looks like that's what happened. I'm guessing he won't let that happen again.