Detroit Lions: Why Matthew Stafford's Injury Won't Matter

Todd KaufmannSenior Writer ISeptember 13, 2010

Detroit Lions: Why Matthew Stafford's Injury Won't Matter

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    It sucks that a quarterback's season has to start the way Matthew Stafford's did today.

    The first-round pick in 2009 out of the University of Georgia left the game in the first half with what the team is calling a shoulder injury, though no further details have been given.

    Stafford was dropped by Julius Peppers and came up holding his throwing arm. I can't imagine it would feel good to have that big of a guy land on top of you.

    While it's unknown just how long Stafford will be on the shelf, here are 10 reasons why it won't really matter for the Detroit Lions.

Shaun Hill Is a More Than Capable Starter

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    Shaun Hill, who came in for Stafford to start the third quarter, spent the last three seasons in San Francisco and has shown flashes of being a good backup quarterback.

    He threw for 2,046 yards and 13 touchdowns during the 2008 season. Only problem is, Lions fans aren't going to like him when he turned the ball over twice (1 INT, 1 fumble) today.

Even Stafford Couldn't Overcome Tough Schedule

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    Okay, so the Lions got jobbed today, I think we can all admit that.

    However, when you have Philadelphia, Minnesota, and Green Bay coming up, not to mention the New York Giants, not sure the Lions would be any better off even with their starter against those four teams.

Jahvid Best Could Carry The Load

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    If Stafford is out for any length of time, just ask Shaun Hill to give the ball to former Cal running back Jahvid Best and let him carry the load.

    He did score twice today, did he not?

Defense Is Going To Give The Lions Turnovers

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    The Lions' defense picked Jay Cutler once and forced three fumbles.

    Giving your offense four turnovers will give them plenty of chances to put points on the board, regardless who's at quarterback.

But Their Passing Defense Stinks

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    If your secondary is going to give up almost 400 yards through the air per game, it won't matter how many points your offense puts up.

    Just wait 'til they face a quarterback that can put the ball in the end zone four or five times per game.

No Playoff Race In Detroit This Season

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    Like this slideshows, the Lions will be chasing everyone else in the division this season.

    Maybe they're on their way up, but not far enough to be a playoff team.

    With or without their starter.

Weak Offensive Line

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    While you don't want to put blame one single person for Stafford's injury this afternoon, you might think that an injury of some sort was inevitable especially with a weak offensive line.

    If they don't fix that in a hurry, his return could be short-lived or it could force him to make throws just to protect his shoulder.

Talent and Depth at Wide Receiver

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    The Lions have a lot of talented wide receivers who can be used whether it's Stafford or Hill at quarterback with guys like Nate Burleson and Calvin Johnson.

Stafford Not Quite Mature Enough To Lead Detroit

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    There's no question that Stafford is a talented quarterback, but how many second-year guys have led their teams to the playoffs, let alone winning records?

Because They Always Find Ways to Lose

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    Not sure when the Lions were ever a team to watch in the NFL but with the solid draft picks this past April, they're getting there, but they're not there yet.

    Yes they got screwed out of a win this afternoon by the officials, but then again, the Lions have always found ways to lose.