Tony Romo and Dez Bryant: Why They Will Lead Cowboys To Super Bowl Win

Todd KaufmannSenior Writer ISeptember 12, 2010

Tony Romo and Dez Bryant: Why They Will Lead Cowboys To Super Bowl Win

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    The NFL season is just a few hours old and the one team that has arguably the most hype surrounding them is the Dallas Cowboys, if only for one reason: The Super Bowl is at their home stadium in their town.

    However, not everyone is sold on the idea that the Cowboys can even get that far. Admittedly, I'm one of those.

    One player that has been looked at as an early threat on offense is rookie wide receiver Dez Bryant. While most might consider him a "savior" of sorts, Tony Romo is going to have the most pressure on his shoulders to get this team where they haven't been since the mid 1990's.

    Here are five reasons, on each side of the aisle, on how Romo and Bryant can or can't lead the Cowboys to a Super Bowl win.

Dez Bryant a Better Option Than Roy Williams

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    Dez Bryant is wearing Michael Irvin's old number 88. Whether that brings him luck or not is yet to be seen. However, I don't think there are a lot of Cowboy fans who would argue against the fact that Bryant will be a better target for Tony Romo than Roy Williams has been.

The Cowboys Can Use Three Solid Running Backs

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    While their running game wasn't quite to up par during the preseason, it was the preseason. The Cowboys have three solid guys that can keep any defense off balance and can go to that on short or even long yardage situation.

    Felix Jones, Marion Barber, and Tashard Choice are guys that can hit the holes in the line or bounce outside and pick up big gains.

    If they can balance the passing game with these three guys, it could prove effective.

Having Dez Bryant and Miles Austin Makes For a Dangerous Offense

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    Imagine Dez Bryant on one side and Miles Austin on the other. The corners and safety have two deep threats to watch instead of just one.

Bryant, Williams, and Austin Can Be Team First

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    This could be a face that Cowboys fans see a lot of in 2010.

    After the team drafted Dez Bryant, Roy Williams had to see the writing on the wall that the Cowboys weren't happy with his play last year.

    If Bryant starts to get more passes his way than Williams, it could mean a lot of complaining in the locker room after the games. Especially after losses.

    If they can keep that from happening, if these guys can accept that they're not going to get 15-20 looks per game each, they should be just fine.

Tony Romo Gaining Confidence in Himself

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    One thing that a lot of Cowboy fans will tell you is that they have seen a lack of confidence when it comes to Tony Romo.

    Sure there are fans who have never like him or had confidence in him, but when that lack of confidence builds inside a quarterback, it's a recipe for disaster.

    This season, if Romo puts together two to three straight good starts, you'll see that confidence begin to return. If he gets it back fully, you could see a dangerous quarterback this season.

Jason Garrett Needs To Take Risks With The Play Calling

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    Jason Garrett has been the source of a lot of complaints both with Cowboy fans and players over the years.

    His play calling has been scrutinized and his ability as an offense coordinator has also been questioned. If the play calling continues to lack, it may put a thorn in the side of the team.

    If he can learn from his mistakes, if he can take a few more risks with his play calling, it could benefit the Cowboys in the long run.

Dez Bryant Could Become a Threat As a Kick Returner

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    During an interview with 105.3 The Fan's Newy Scruggs, Cowboys' owner Jerry Jones said that Dez Bryant would not only be used as a receiver but as a kick returner as well.

    With the speed that this young player has, if he gets the blocking up front, it will force special teams' to keep the ball away from him. That may result in a lot of kicks going out of bounds and good field position for the offense.

Bryant and Austin Could Mean Less Touches To Jason Witten

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    Jason Witten has always been a favorite target for Tony Romo. He's a guy that Romo can check off to and he's a guy that, more times than not, will catch the ball when it's thrown to him.

    Having Miles Austin, and now Dez Bryant, could mean less touches for Jason Witten. Not that it's a horrible thing because it will mean Romo not having to force the ball to the tight end when there's nothing there.

    There's a lot of talent for the Cowboys' quarterback to work with.

Defenses Can't Cover Everybody

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    Roy Williams, Miles Austin, Dez Bryant, and Jason Witten are tough enough to cover. Add Marion Barber, Tashard Choice, and Felix Jones and defenses can't cover every one of these guys.

    If Tony Romo can utilize every single one of these guys in any certain scheme, the Cowboys can put up a lot of points and can be a tough team to stop.

Limit The Mistakes, Capitalize on Opportunities, and We'll See You In February

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    When it comes right down to it, regardless of the addition of Dez Bryant and the new contract of Miles Austin, the Dallas Cowboys just don't have enough to get them to the big game in their own town.

    No team has ever played in a Super Bowl that was played in their home town or home stadium and don't expect that trend to change this season.

    That being said, there's nothing Jerry Jones would love to see more than his team playing in his stadium when the Super Bowl comes around. Nothing.

    If they can limit the mistakes, if they can play like a team, and if they can put all the egos aside and forget what the media thinks of their potential, than this team can go a long ways.

    Do those things, and Cowboy fans won't have to travel far to see their home team play for the biggest prize in the industry.