9/11/2010, MLB, San Diego Padres Observe Day of Remembrance

Christopher SchmidtContributor ISeptember 11, 2010

(AP Photo/Denis Poroy)
(AP Photo/Denis Poroy)

The Earth turns, the sun rises and a new day dawns. Life goes on, but no one with a pulse and a soul wakes on this day without a sense of the significance of September 11.

9/11/2010 shapes up to be a fine Summer Saturday across much of the country, but amidst the barbecues and baseball games believe that American minds are focused upon an unforgettable commonality.  National pride is something often questioned by those who do not subscribe to it, but ever since that awful day nine years ago, there is not a single member of this nation who can honestly claim 9/11 means nothing to them.  An American flag, a camouflage uniform, merely drawing a breath of free air; in the wake of such an event everything has more meaning.

Major League Baseball represents all that is wonderful about this country and its people, and is appropriately part of the continued celebration of the 9/11 Day of Remembrance.  Yes, celebration.  Collectively, September 11 marks our most horrific experience, but it also signifies that moment we as a nation, with the support of an empathetic world, woke up and joined the human race.

Many lost their lives tragically on that day.  Honor the lost, and those who continue to sacrifice.  Respect the uniform, be it military or civilian.  Respect the flag.  Respect and honor one another.

9/11 revives sorrowful memories, but does not command us to despair.  Live your life.  Be an American.  Go to a baseball game.  Surround yourself with loved ones.  Embrace a stranger.  Never Forget.

Special thanks to the San Diego Padres for their assistance with the Injured Marine Fund, and to Major League Baseball for today's observances, and their year-long and continued dedication.