B/R Quick Pick Challenge: Jay Cutler and Other Top Week 1 Starters

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B/R Quick Pick Challenge: Jay Cutler and Other Top Week 1 Starters
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images
Though he struggled with turnovers throughout the rest of the season, Bears QB Jay Cutler hammered the Lions with over a 100.0 QB Rating.

The Quick Pick Challenge on Bleacher Report is a great way for fantasy players of all types to come together and prove their fantasy prowess.

For the grand total of FREE, anyone can enter the Quick Pick Challenge and have a chance at winning the Grand Prize of two tickets to this year’s Super Bowl!

Miss a week? No problem! You’re still eligible to win the weekly prize, which is a jersey of your choice.

But somehow, as I’ve recommended this contest to friends and some family members, I’ve heard quite a few people saying, “I don’t understand the rules” or “I don’t know enough about fantasy football.”

I’m here to help, friends.

Let’s start with the rules.  Each week, players will choose a lineup that includes one of the following: Quarterback, running back, wide receiver, tight end, a team that will win their game.

    The catch is that you only get to choose the player or team once throughout the season, so picking the right matchup for each player is of significant importance.

    The NFL is somewhat of a crapshoot from week-to-week, but understanding matchups and opportunities is an area that can be used to help make informed decisions throughout the Quick Picks Contest here at Bleacher Report.

    Keep in mind that the perceived top players from the regular season like Adrian Peterson, Aaron Rodgers, Andre Johnson, Dallas Clark, etc. may not be the best players to put in your lineup early in the year.  Because we only get to use them once throughout the season, players should consider that there may be better opportunities for the top players as the season goes along.

    Although strictly copying my picks will likely not lead you to win this contest, these picks may be a good guideline for visitors who might be wondering what to do at a position or two.

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