Miami Dolphins: Does Bill Parcells' Decision Foreshadow Bad Events to Come?

Jason ClaryCorrespondent ISeptember 10, 2010

While it was originally the plan for Miami Dolphins' Bill Parcells to step down from his position as Vice President of Football Operations, it came as a surprise to many people.

While the Dolphins organization hasn't made a big deal out of Parcells' decision, the timing of it doesn't warrant good things for the direction of the franchise.

Did Bill Parcells step down because he likes the direction of this team, or because he wants to salvage his name? 


Roster Cuts and Other Personnel Moves

After Miami's fourth preseason game, the Dolphins roster was beginning to take shape. The team seemed to have a great balance between young players and veterans.

Abruptly, the Dolphins cut Donald Thomas, Jake Grove, Marques Douglas, Charlie Anderson, Charles Grant, and Patrick Turner, while putting Will Allen on injured reserve.

Thomas and Grove were both starters at one point on the offensive line, while the others were brought in and would have provided great depth. Will Allen was recovering from an ACL tear, and had his knee scoped. Allen, however, was expected to be able to play for the majority of the season.

Miami did add Clifton Smith, a Pro-Bowl returner from Tampa Bay, but for the past week they have been signing and releasing players, desperately trying to turn over a stone and find something.

This process could be one of two things: It either shows the diligence of the staff in their evaluation process, or they are worried about the current group of players that are on the roster. 


Is Parcells Worried About Chad Henne?

Reports have arisen that Parcells is "disappointed" in Chad Henne. Several media outlets are reporting that Vic Carucci, an columnist, said, "I will say, for whatever weight this carries, that Bill Parcells is very disappointed in Chad Henne, but that's not what made Bill resign his position or anything."

Vic Carucci's Podcast

The Dolphins have not had a very good preseason, as the offense has looked anemic. The Dolphins' offense has the potential to do great things, but it showed great inconsistency during the four game stretch in August.

Chad Henne is entering his second year as a starter, and his first year as being the consensus starter. Henne completed more than 60% of his passes last season, but threw two more interceptions than touchdowns.

Henne's 7-3 start was quickly outweighed by his three game skid to end the season last year. While Henne's arm won Miami some games, it also lost them several games.

All of these reports about instability within the organization and team are coming several weeks too late. While the team should be focused on their game plan for Week 1, they now also have to worry if their teammates next to them will be cleaning out their locker before the season begins. 


Sunday's Game

Miami hasn't won a game in Buffalo since 2004. If they lose this opener, it will be the third season in a row that Tony Sparano and staff have lost an opener. In 2008 they started 0-2, and in 2009 they started 0-3.

With Miami having a brutal schedule during its first eight games, it is crucial for the Fins to achieve a winning record so they can make a push to the playoffs.

For Dolphins' players and fans alike, Sunday's game cannot come soon enough. The players have been waiting for meaningful snaps, while the fans need the team to settle any uneasiness that the events of the past week have brought.

These feelings of uneasiness will fail to be settled if the Dolphins aren't ahead of the Bills when the clock strikes zero in the fourth quarter.