Dallas Cowboys Offensive 2010 Position By Position Analysis

paul fergusonCorrespondent ISeptember 9, 2010

WIll Dez Bryant be a force for the Cowboys in 2010?
WIll Dez Bryant be a force for the Cowboys in 2010?Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The Dallas Cowboys open their season on Sunday Night in prime time against the Washington Redskins. Coming off of an 11-5 season, a playoff win, (finally) and a winning record in December/January. The cowboys look to play in a Super Bowl that will take place in their home city. The pressure of a city is on the Cowboys to make the Super bowl and become the Home team. In this article Bleacher Report will break down each position and the Strengths and weaknesses as well as give a Bleacher Report Grade to each position.


Strengths- In two words, Tony Romo. Romo is a top 7 QB. In 2009 he threw for 4483 yards and 26 Touchdowns, with a 97.6 Passer Rating. In 2010 I look for him to expand on these stats and with the proverbial monkey off of his back I look forward to him having a great year. He is very mobile, creates well when outside of the pocket, and all in all, he makes good things happen

Weaknesses- If Tony Romo gets hurt, the Cowboys season goes downhill. To back up Romo, They have Jon Kitna. Now Kitna is an average QB, but being old he has no real mobility, and with the state of the Offensive line he will not succeed for the Cowboys. Behind him is Stephen McGee, whom the verdict is still out on. He is unproven as a starting QB in the NFL.

Bleacher Report Grade- A-

Running Back- 

Strengths- Felix Jones is a threat to take it to the house every time he touches the ball. He has blazing speed, makes quick cuts, and catches the ball nicely out of the back field. Tashard Choice is another back the Cowboys have. He is big, hits the hole hard and has nice speed. These two RB's will carry the cowboys into the playoffs.

Weaknesses- Marion Barber. Barber does not run with the same authority anymore, gets stuffed in the backfield, and just does not hit the whole well. The Cowboys, as long as they play Barber will continue to struggle with the running game

Bleacher Report Grade- B+

Wide Receivers/Tight Ends

Strengths- The Cowboys are loaded at WR/TE. Miles Austin has turned into a legitimate #1 Wide Receiver, with big play potential. Jason Witten is a top 3 Tight End with sure hands. Dez Bryant has the body, the speed, and all the tools, and the anticipation to see him on the field is mounting. Even Kevin Olgetree and Sam Hurd should perform well when Called upon

Weaknesses- The only weakness I see here is Roy Williams under-achieving. He has the size, he has the hands to be a legitimate target for Romo, and should be converting in the red zone, and yet he is not. He SHOULD perform better this year though with more attention to Miles Austin. 

Bleacher Report Grade- B

Offensive Line-

Strengths- Leonard Davis (when he plays well)

Weaknesses- There are so many weaknesses and question marks on the Cowboys offensive line it will make your head spin. Will Doug Free come through in the clutch? Can they cope with the loss of Kyle Kosier? How serious is Colombo's injury? How will Montrae Holland and Alex Barron perform? How many penalties will the line have? and most important of all, Can they protect Tony Romo? The jury is still out on the Cowboys offensive line.

Bleacher Report Grade- D

Week 1 Prediction- Cowboys 31 Redskins 24

Season Prediction- 11-5, NFC East Champs, Lose NFC Championship Game