NFL Week 1 Predictions: Ranking the Most Likely Upsets

Elias Trejo@@Elias_TrejoSenior Analyst IISeptember 9, 2010

NFL Week 1 Predictions: Ranking the Most Likely Upsets

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    Picking an underdog to win a game is a great way to impress your friends, or an even better way to lose that extra cash you were saving for your girl's birthday gift.

    This season I will predict five upsets every week and rank them by their "Wait, did that just happen?" factor.

    An example of a "Wait, did that just happen?" moment would be Janet Jackson during half time of the Super Bowl. It makes you say, " Wait, did that just happen?"

    There will be plenty of those moments and games during the 2010 season, and I will help you pick them before each week.

    It's up to you to decide what you want to do with this information, just don't lose your girl's money.

No. 5: Washington Redskins Over Dallas Cowboys

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    Everyone is asking if the Cowboys can become the first team to make the super bowl in their own city and stadium.

    The NFC East is by far the toughest division in the league right now. People should be asking if the Cowboys can make the playoffs.

    The Cowboys will quickly find out that the road to the Super Bowl will be harder than most people think.

    Look for Donovan McNabb to have a big game and the Redskins defense to take advantage of the Cowboys offensive line. Look for Albert Haynesworth to have a good game and make Mike Shanahan think twice about wanting to trading him.

    Redskins 27 Cowboys 24

No. 4: Oakland Raiders Over Tennesee Titans

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    When the Raiders and Titans clash, it always produces a close game. Last time the Raiders traveled to Tennessee, the Raiders lost by four points.

    The Titans have Chris Johnson at running back and he was a major part of their offense. He is a very fast player and has the ability to break away for the long play.

    The Raiders defense has plenty of speed on their side of the ball and they've also addressed some key pieces to stop the run.

    Johnson's impact in the game must be reduced and the Raider must force Young to pass.

    Raiders 24 Titans 21

No. 3: Houston Texans Over Indianapolis Colts

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    Just to remind everyone there is another team in Texas; the Texans looked very impressive during the preseason and looked a lot better than that other Texas team when they played in the third week.

    Look for Matt Schaub and the Texans to make a big statement in Week 1 of the season.

    The Colts are coming off a super loss and the Texans want to take the thrown away from the AFC South Champs.

    Doing that won't be easy, with Peyton Manning behind center for the Colts, but the home field advantage and the Texans offense will be enough to out gun the Colts on opening week.

    Texans 38 Colts 34

No. 2: Kansas City Chiefs Over San Diego Chargers

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    Not many people are talking about the Chiefs, but they do have a lot of talent on offense and their coaching staff is solid. Opening at Arrowhead Stadium will not be easy for the Chargers on Monday night.

    The Chiefs have an offense that can put up a lot of points. Dwayne Bowe and Chris Chambers make a solid duo at wide receiver, but perhaps not as good as the tandem in the backfield.

    Thomas Jones and Jamaal Charles possess a lot of problems for the Chargers offense.

    Look for this game to be controlled by Kansas City, and look for the Chargers offense to struggle without their veteran starters that are holding out.

    Chiefs 31 Chargers 23

No. 1: Pittsburgh Steelers Over Atlanta Falcons

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    It's official: the Dennis Dixon Era starts in Steel Country. OK, so it may only be for four games, but he'll start if off with a win.

    The Steelers are a tough and physical team that knows how to play defense. Look for their defense to contain Michael Turner and get to quarterback Matt Ryan.

    Dixon will play a smart game and won't turn the ball over. He'll make plays with his legs and have decent passing numbers.

    The Steelers running backs will get plenty of action, and look for the defense or special teams to come up with a touchdown.

    Steelers 20 Falcons 17