Chad Ochocinco Replaces Floyd Mayweather as the Reebok Poster Boy

King J@@KingJ323Senior Writer ISeptember 8, 2010

This past Labor Day weekend I had to take an important business trip to the beautiful city of Portland, Oregon. For those of you who did not know Portland is one of greenest cities in the United States and it has amazing natural scenery, some of the friendliest open-minded liberal people, die-hard sports fans, and most important of all NO sales tax!

Yes, beautiful I know. If you were to ever go on a Floyd "Money" Mayweather shopping spree especially in these depressing economic times the only place to do so would have to be in the glorious sales tax free city of Portland. So after my meetings I did just that.

I hit all of the top shopping destinations in Portland from Downtown Pioneer Place to Washington Square in the suburbs. When I stepped into the Foot Locker store I was a bit surprised to see that Floyd Mayweather was replaced by Chad Ochocinco as the Reebok poster boy. It was as if they photoshopped Mayweather's face out and put Chad's in instead.

In my previous article titled: Floyd Mayweather Jr. Is Bigger Than Kobe Bryant , I explained how excited I was as a big boxing fan to see Mayweather's face as the only athlete up in the Foot Locker store at a time when the NBA Finals were the only thing on everyone's mind. Perhaps I may have been too busy to go shopping since the Lakers won the championship, but it seems as fast as Floyd can throw a combo his face was taken down and replaced by the equally flamboyant NFL star. I would tell you what number is on his jersey but it escaped my mind right now for some reason.

Chad's pretty much an "it" athlete at the moment with his horrible reality show on VH1 wrapping up and his short-lived fame on Dancing With the Stars(a show in which Mayweather was also on). I do feel Mayweather was robbed and kicked off the show way too early but Chad had no business competing on any dance show.

However, I was wondering why Floyd's face could no longer be found on any posters in the same Foot Lockers that had him plastered all over their walls for the whole summer?

I wonder if Floyd's long vacation and his recent controversial U-stream videos have anything to do with it?

Well since we are talking about the great city of Portland, as many of you know it is also home and headquarters to Mayweather's Reebok company's rival Nike. So naturally you have to hit the Nike store when you are in the city of Nike right? So that is just what I did and just as impressed as I was to see Floyd's face all over the Foot Lockers back in June I was even more impressed to find a whole section of Manny Pacquiao training gear.

Yes the congressman Pacquiao had his own section in the Nike store with his training gear: shirts, shorts, and warmup pants. Only very few athletes get their own section such as the great Michael Jordan so this was a major surprise to me. So once again I was more than happy to see boxing is back in the mainstream shopping demographics.

I would love to see our boxing stars keep representing to the world with these big time endorsements, don't you concur?