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SchmolikCorrespondent IISeptember 8, 2010

PHILADELPHIA - SEPTEMBER 02:  Head coach Andy Reid of the Philadelphia Eagles stands on the sidelines during a preseason game against the New York Jets at Lincoln Financial Field on September 2, 2010 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  (Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images)
Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

OK, being in the Philly area, I should be more concerned with a certain baseball team, but just for you football fans in the area, here's a game by game outlook for the second favorite team in Philly (Oh wait, I forgot about the Flyers).

Of course, this is the first season post Donovan McNabb, and we're putting all our eggs in the basket of some guy named Kevin Kolb (and Andy Reid, who never met a pass he didn't like and is apparently not aware that you are allowed to run the ball).

Like it matters anyway with Westbrook gone. How come we didn't ask about Matt Leinart?

Home vs Green Bay - I'm not saying the Packers are the Super Bowl contender a lot of other guys are saying, but if they are as good as they say they are, the Eagles won't win it even at home.

Then again, the Packers lost last year in Tampa, giving the Bucs their first win of the season.

Then again, it's Kevin Kolb's first start without Donovan looking over his shoulder. And it's not Aaron Rodgers' first start without Bret Favre looking over his - LOSS (0-1)  

At Detroit - The Eagles are lucky this is in September while Matt Stafford is still inexperienced. Had this been later on and Detroit had more experience, I'd give the edge to the Lions - WIN (1-1)  

At Jacksonville - I don't remember the Eagles beating Jacksonville even when McNabb was in, so what makes you think they will now, especially in Jacksonville? Well at least there won't be many fans there.

I'm going to petition the NFL - if the game doesn't sell out, can it be blacked out in the road market? - LOSS (1-2)  

Home vs Washington - You don't think Donovan doesn't have a little bit of motivation for this one? I'd feel better if this game was later in the year so Donovan would have more time to get chemistry with his offense. - But still, it's Donovan and you know he wants to stick it to Eagle management. - LOSS (1-3)  

At San Francisco - I'm not sure the 49ers are any better than us, but the game is in San Fran (one of the few true home games they have this year), and it's a long trip there. How in the world is this a Sunday Night Football (SNF) game. Look at the schedule and tell me this isn't the worst SNF game of the season. Too bad they can't flex it.

I can say Kevin Kolb is the better QB in this game and actually mean it.

You know, maybe the Phillies will be playing that night in the playoffs. If they go head to head, I wonder what game more fans will be watching. - LOSS (1-4)  

Home vs Atlanta - Atlanta is a better team and have a better QB, RB, etc., but the Eagles will probably win one or two games they shouldn't. I have a feeling this will be one of them - WIN (2-4)  

At Tennessee - Another tough opponent in the past for the Eagles; they usually do poorly with AFC opponents. Unless Vince Young goes crazy again... - LOSS (2-5)

Bye Week  

Home vs Indianapolis - The Colts are in the AFC, right? Then again like it matters. Tell me the better QB in this game is wearing green. Now say it without laughing - LOSS (2-6)  

At Washington - Donovan part two, in Washington, with Donovan more comfortable with his offense, and at night where the Eagles often struggle - LOSS (2-7)  

Home vs NY Giants - This game is the same week as the Colts/Patriots game, and this is the SNF game? Hopefully it will get flexed.

The Eagles matched up well with the Giants the last couple of years (although that was with Donovan). But I'll give them the benefit of the doubt in this one - WIN (3-7)  

At Chicago - Bad team with our QB going home and playing in front of his home city? Oh sorry, I was flashing back to last season. Still, the Bears are bad. The Eagles had lost, I believe, seven SNF games in a row and broke the streak in Chicago last season - WIN (4-7)  

Home vs Houston - Clearly a winnable game. Houston will score in this game; can the Eagles win a shootout? - WIN (5-7)  

At Dallas - If any team is bad on SNF, it's the Eagles. If any team owns SNF, it's Dallas. Remind me to schedule my Christmas party this day and to keep the TV off - LOSS (5-8)  

At Giants - The Eagles have had more success in New York than in Philly (partially because of it's SNF woes). I see a split with the Giants this year; if the Eagles lose the one in Philly, they probably win here - LOSS (5-9)  

Home vs Minnesota - Clearly the Eagles are playing for pride at this point, and the Vikings should be in a dogfight with the Packers or in the thick of the playoff race. If this a throwaway game for Minnesota, maybe Philly has a shot. Or maybe if Brett retires by then. - LOSS (5-10)  

Home vs Dallas - The last two years the division came down to this game. I have a feeling it won't be, and I think Dallas will have the division locked up by then and may be resting starters. - Again, being optimistic - WIN (6-10)  

Losses that could be wins: Green Bay, maybe one Washington game, maybe Jacksonville

Wins that could be losses: Atlanta, Houston, Dallas (if the game means something to the Cowboys), Chicago, heck I can see us losing in Detroit if Stafford is the real deal.  

Best case: 8-8

Worst case: I don't see any gimme wins. If some breaks go against us, I can see a 4-12 or even 3-13 season. Maybe then we can draft an actual QB.

Who will win more games this year? The Eagles or the Temple Owls? I think it will be Temple.

At least in Philadelphia you can forget about football until October (hopefully November if we're lucky).