The Sports Mac's 2010 Preseason NFL Power Rankings

Jay McAnanyCorrespondent IMarch 24, 2017

Chris Graythen/Getty Images

1.         New Orleans Saints: The defending champs deserve the honor of starting the season where they left off: on top.


2.        Indianapolis Colts: The defending AFC Champs should be penciled in for another double digit win season.


3.        Green Bay Packers: A lot of people are catching on to the idea that this might be the team to beat in the NFC North.


4.        Dallas Cowboys: The enticement of playing Super Bowl 45 in their home stadium should be plenty of motivation for this team.


5.        Baltimore Ravens: Does T.J. Houshmanzadeh make this offense even more potent and possibly make this the most complete team in the AFC?


6.        New York Jets: The sophomore jinx seems to be creeping into Mark Sanchez and that could be a problem for a team that’s built to win now.


7.        Minnesota Vikings: They definitely don’t look like a Super Bowl contender with the way Brett Favre continues to hobble on that ankle.


8.        Cincinnati Bengals: Now that they have help for the running game, they will be a team to contend with toward the end of the season.


9.        Atlanta Falcons: After an off year, Matt Ryan looks to rebound and lead the Falcons back to the playoffs.


10.      New England Patriots: This might be the last opportunity for the current group of players with questions about Tom Brady, Randy Moss and Logan Mankins.


11.      San Diego Chargers: Relying on a rookie running back to carry a bunch of the workload might backfire on San Diego.


12.      San Francisco 49ers: This might be the team to rule the roost in the NFC West with an improved defense and QB Alex Smith finally looking like an NFL QB.


13.      Pittsburgh Steelers: If they can survive the first month of the season without Ben Roethlisberger, they could potentially make a run at the playoffs.


14.      New York Giants: The defense should be improved from last year, but can the offense be productive without proven playmakers?


15.      Houston Texans: While the Texans may be improved, their record may not show it playing the league’s toughest schedule.


16.      Tennessee Titans: Chris Johnson can run for 3,000 yards, but if Tennessee doesn’t have a passing game, they’ll struggle.


17.      Philadelphia Eagles: Expect some growing pains with all of the young talent on offense, especially Kevin Kolb, who gets his first shot as the starter.


18.      Kansas City Chiefs: The Patriots of the Midwest should continue to improve, but a lot of the pressure will be on QB Matt Cassel to produce.


19.      Miami Dolphins: Having Ronnie Brown healthy for the entire season will the big key if Miami wants to make a run at a playoff spot.


20.      Arizona Cardinals: The problems at the QB position will manifest themselves as the season goes along ending Arizona’s two year division title run.


21.      Chicago Bears: The Mike Martz/Jay Cutler partnership will be the big talking point because if it doesn’t work, how long will Martz be there?


22.      Washington Redskins: From injuries to players in the doghouse, this is a bad start for a team that needs to get out of the blocks quickly.


23.      Oakland Raiders: There might be something of a plan in Raider Nation finally, but things have to really well for them to finish at 8-8.


24.      Detroit Lions: This franchise is starting to put the 0-16 season in the rear view mirror and could improve on the strides made last season.


25.      Seattle Seahawks: Pete Carroll is rebuilding the franchise from the ground up and that will probably take a couple of years.


26.      Buffalo Bills: With no significant upgrades at the positions they need most, Chan Gailey is already behind the chains before the season starts.


27.      Denver Broncos: For a team beset by injury problems from the get-go, this could be a long, cold season in the Rocky Mountains.


28.      Carolina Panthers: It would take a minor miracle for the Panthers to have a winning record and for John Fox to keep his job.


29.      Jacksonville Jaguars: See the Carolina Panthers and take out John Fox’s name and insert Jack Del Rio’s.


30.      Cleveland Browns: This might be Mike Holmgren’s biggest challenge ever and even his football prowess might not prove to be enough.


31.      Tampa Bay Buccaneers: It looks like it will be another year of painful learning for young head coach Raheem Brooks.


32.      St. Louis Rams: For a franchise that has won only six games the last three seasons they’re going to have to earthier way off the bottom.


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