Jerry Jones Brings Super Bowl To Dallas

charles kellettContributor ISeptember 8, 2010

Jerry Jones Brings Super Bowl To Dallas

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    It's a delicate balance for Jones because the NFL is so conservative, controlling everything from how high players' socks are to what coaches wear on the sidelines. But Jones' situation is unique. He has a stadium with a retractable roof and the biggest HD video board in the world. He can showcase a variety of events in his stadium and isn't afraid to cross-promote with other sports.

    Jerry Jones will bring the Super Bowl to Dallas this year.  If you don't have tickets get them now, Dallas will be in the Super Bowl, even if Jerry has to buy them in.  He has the money.  He has to fill those seats and he will.

Build It and They Will Come

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    you build it they will comeRonald Martinez/Getty Images

    Jerry has built it and he will fill it.  The Super Bowl this year will have a bigger audience than ever before.  Cowboys V. Colts in a re-match from thirty years ago except the Colts will have their starting QB on the field.  But Jerry will have made it happen.

Jerry Has Done It

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    Jerry has had more control in the NFL than any other owner ever has.  He has done more to promote and\or push the NFL on the masses than any other.  He has made the NFL Network work.  He will bring the big game to the big D.

The Only Team To Jerry

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    Dallas is the only team that matters to Mr. Jones.  America's team is Jerry's team.  What Mr. Jones wants he gets.  A packed house with His team playing in the most watched sporting event of the year.  Go Jerry--Go Jerry.

The Big House

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    It is a very nice venue.  Retractable roof and plenty of seating.  What is the going price for a seat?

I'll Be There

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    This is the place for your next Super BowlRonald Martinez/Getty Images

    You will be watching the Super Bowl here.  Jerry will bring his Cowboys here to play the game of the year.  Be there or be square.