Oakland Raider Roster Shuffle to Get Tweaked, Not Overhauled

Dondi Raider@dondiraiderContributor ISeptember 6, 2010

Oakland Raider Roster Shuffle to Get Tweaked, Not Overhauled

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    Cableman has still got some rewiring to do with the roster.Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

    In todays' NFL, rosters are always in a state of flux, kinda like the stock market.  There is plenty of buying (signing) or selling (waiving) going on, and it's just the beginning of the long season. So when cutdown day finally came for teams to get to the magic number of 53, it was just another day.  For my fellow Silver and Black brethren that have yourselves worked up over the current roster, heres my advice - Chill.

    Let's take a look at what we can do to the roster over the next few weeks.  Expect or hope for some of these transactions.  They are...

Running Back Tonga Set to Send Cartwright off the roster

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    Manase is the manRonald Martinez/Getty Images

    One fullback Marcel Reece, will not last all season unless we go Air Coryell.  And since we won't or can't, expect Cartwright to hit the road when a healthy Michael Bush returns.  That's money in the bank.  We do not need Cartwright to return kicks of make JC feel comfortable at this point.  Nor do we need him to catch passes since we already have D MAC, Bush (when healthy) and Reece.

Safety Brown In, Eugene Out

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    Nose for the football is his ticket to the rosterGregory Shamus/Getty Images

    As the weeks go bye and defensive turnovers don't materialize, expect our rookie sensatoin to be promoted off the practice squad and onto the 53 man roster.  He needs to be there.  Everyone knows he needs to be there.  Sorry Hiram Eugene, your fair play, lack of turnovers are your ticket to your next career.  And for heavens sake, Hiram, change your name!

Veteran WR Need Not Apply

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    DHB is the present and futureJed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

    If this area of our team is not clear, let me try to clarify.  We will cut a WR to open up a roster spot for help at another position, should an injury occur.  Can you say Yamon Figures?  Or we will trade a receiver if the right offer comes up. Can you say Jonnie Lee Higgins?  But we will NOT ADD A VETERAN RECEIVER cuz AL like his young speedsters.  Period!  End of story.  If Al really wanted a veteran WR he would have signed one last year.  Al always gets a player he wants.  So please stop asking for the veteran WR...it ain't happening.

Can We Cut The Special Teams Coach Fassel?

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    This odd bird can't coachNFL Photos/Getty Images

    Hey, if we can fire our head coach after 4 games, why not dump the special teams coordinator before the first game?  Our special teams look horrendous this preseason.  Maybe they just need some time to jell?  Maybe coach Fassel is the one lobbying to keep Sam Williams and Ricky Brown.  Then again maybe he just can't coach period!


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    At least we know this one was right on!Jeff Gross/Getty Images

    ....we got this one right!  Silver and Black attack forever!