New York Jets Roster Shakeup: Tony Richardson Cut and Darrelle Revis Whirlwind

Jayson LoveCorrespondent ISeptember 6, 2010

Fullback Tony Richardson carries against the Redskins in Preseason
Fullback Tony Richardson carries against the Redskins in PreseasonAl Bello/Getty Images

Sometimes you need to wait for an entire story to play out before you react. 

As a Jets fan, I love Tony Richardson.  As a fan of sports in general, you have to respect and admire the kind of work and dedication this man demonstrates on a year in and year out basis.

So when news came down that the Jets had cut T-Rich, I was profoundly disappointed.  I love what John Conner has brought to the table since being drafted out of Kentucky, but still feel that too much should not be thrust upon a rookie in such an important role. 

On a run-first team, the lead blocking fullback is of great importance.  He is also a team leader and very reliable.  In short I am not worried that Richardson will forget his role in a play, but that could happen to a rookie like Conner. 

However, rather than write a scathing piece blasting the Jets for their handling of a veteran, conjecturing about Woody Johnson's financial resources, and wondering how they could entrust such a vital role to a rookie like John Conner when the stated goal is "Super bowl or Bust!", I chose to wait to see how everything panned out.

The Revis situation was also in the background.  Reports from all over the web ranged from Revis and the Jets still not talking, to Revis will be signed by the first game, to a report that said Revis's time with the Jets may be over! 

I was ready to pen a piece blasting Revis for his lack of willingness to budge on his demands and advocate dealing a malcontent.  It seemed like the real reason the Jets drafted Kyle Wilson and traded for Cromartie was because they really did believe Revis was done as a Jet.

Finally, the Jets did manage to get Revis to agree to a new contract today and it seems that the Richardson situation may have had something to do with the Revis contract status.

According to Lisa Zimmerman of TheJetsblog, the Jets will indeed bring the veteran fullback back into the fold and re-sign him.  It seemed that the Jets needed a guy who they could trust not to bolt for another team when cut. 

Also, as a veteran with a minimum of four years in the league, Richardson is not subject to the waiver process.  

So 24 hours ago, it looked like the Jets were heading into 2010 with a rookie fullback and no Darrelle Revis, and now? Well, what a difference a day makes!