Matt Leinart Signs With Houston Texans: Why He'll Never Start Again

Bailey Brautigan@BBrautiganFeatured ColumnistSeptember 6, 2010

Matt Leinart Signs With Houston Texans: Why He'll Never Start Again

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    Matt Leinart has found a new NFL home with the Houston Texans, and he could now be the backup quarterback to Matt Schaub.

    He will have to beat out Dan Orlovsky for the second QB spot, but chances are Leinart will be spending another NFL season on the sidelines.

    From Heisman Trophy winner to third-string option, Leinart's fall from grace has been highly documented in recent news.

    But will Leinart ever get the chance to call himself a starting NFL quarterback?

    Don't bet on it.

10. He Peaked In College

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    Even though college football is the main proving ground for high-caliber football players, great assets to the NFL only get better when they turn pro.

    Matt Leinart had an outstanding career with USC (even winning the Heisman Trophy in 2004), but it is apparent that he left his talent in California.

    Or he was surrounded by superior talent on the college level and he doesn't have the arm strength and decision-making ability to thrive against bigger, faster athletes.

    Either way, he peaked in college. 


9. Lack Of NFL Experience

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    Even though Matt Leinart has been an NFL player since being drafted in 2006, he has had to take a backseat to Kurt Warner for his whole NFL career.

    And now he'll take a backseat to Matt Schaub.

8. Lack of Commitment

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    In order to be successful as a professional athlete, you have to possess more than talent. You need drive, and you need to be 100 percent committed to your sport.

    After all, your sport is your career.

    Matt Leinart showed promise in college, and we have seen flashes of brilliance from the former Arizona Cardinal.

    But Leinart needs to get his priorities straight. Girls, booze, and wild parties are not exactly the ingredients we're looking for in an NFL quarterback.

    College is over, Matty!

7. Bad Attitude

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    In the world of professional football, coaches look for teamwork and commitment. They don't want crybabies.

    Coaches expect players to work their tails off in camps and practice, and then they select the best starters for each position.

    And players should not take it personally if they don't make the cut.

    After Derek Anderson beat out Matt Leinart for the starting QB position for the Cardinals, Leinart was anything but mature about the decision. He publicly expressed his disappointment in Coach Ken Whisenhunt's selection of Anderson, which probably had something to do with being released from the team.

    Just suck it up, and take it like a man!

6. He Is Unrealistic

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    The fact that Leinart put up such a fuss after losing the starting QB spot to Derek Anderson shows what he lacks in the self-monitoring department.

    If he realistically thought that he outperformed Anderson, then he really needs to take a look in the mirror. When an athlete does not have an accurate view of his abilities, then that should raise some red flags. 

    Since Leinart cannot see where he needs improvement, how is he supposed to get better?

5. Is He Willing To Put In The Work?

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    Up until being released from the Cardinals, Leinart has had a relative cakewalk of a football career. He started at USC, he was drafted in the first round in 2006 and he hasn't really had to prove himself.

    And when it came time for him to step up as Kurt Warner's replacement, he fell short.

    It makes us wonder if he will ever be willing to work for the position.

4. Leadership Abilities

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    Some players have natural leadership abilities. Matt Leinart is not one of these players.

    Leinart may still be pretty young, but he has had enough time to demonstrate that he can take on the task of leading an NFL team.

    And he hasn't.

3. His Weak Arm

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    Part of what makes a great quarterback is his ability to make the big passes. In a passing league, there are only so many times that a team can run the ball, and Leinart's arm strength is a definite issue. You've got to be able to drop the deep sideline pattern against speedy cornerbacks and Leinart just doesn't have the big arm to stretch the defense.

    A starting NFL quarterback needs to be versatile, and Leinart simply does not offer enough options to be a high-quality team leader.

2. He's No Kurt Warner

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    Leinart had some pretty big shoes to fill after Kurt Warner retired from the Cardinals, but he never really stood a chance at replacing such a great quarterback.

    However, you would think that Leinart would have learned a thing or two from playing second-fiddle to Warner.

    But he hasn't.

1. Matt Schaub Is No Scrub

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    In order for Matt Leinart to take over as the starting quarterback for the Texans, he will have to overtake Matt Schaub.

    Highly unlikely.

    Schaub led the league in passing yards in 2009, so Leinart better pray for an early-season injury.