2010-2011 Season: Bold Predictions For The Cardinals. Just For Kicks.

Nathan DouthittContributor ISeptember 5, 2010

2010-2011 Season: Bold Predictions For The Cardinals. Just For Kicks.

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    In this slide show I'll share my opinion on what players get what stats this season and how the Cardinals pan out as a team. After viewing the slide, feel free to share your opinion in the comments below. After Derek Anderson is announced to be the starter for the Cardinals, I, just as you all are, am curious on how this pans out.

Receiving Corps.

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    Larry Fitzgerald:

    Despite his recent knee tweak, I still think he'll be able to one up his performance last year with:

    85 rec.   1,250 yds  11 tds

    Steve Breaston:

    As the #2 receiver he'll have to be a big option down the field while Larry is in tight coverage:

    80 rec.     900 yds        8 tds

    Early Doucet:

    After his breakout performance against the #2 defense in the Packers last year in the Wild Card Round of the playoffs, he'll have high expectations and he will succeed:

    80 rec.     800 yds        4 tds.

    Steven Williams:

    This undrafted free agent has impressed every Cardinal fan during the preseason especially against the Bears, he and Derek Anderson hooked up more than high school sweet hearts in the back of a car, he'll have a great rookie season with:

    60 rec.     650 yds.      3 tds.

    Max Komar:

    Max will be coming in as the 5th option at receiver most likely and because of that probably won't be catching very many passes, but when he does he'll give the defense fits:

    25 rec.     200 yds.      2 tds.

Running Game.

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    Beanie Wells:

    With questions in the passing game, the running game will have to be a crucial part of the Cardinals offense this year:

    250 car.   1,100 yds.   7 tds.

    25 rec.       200 yds    0 tds.


    Timmy Hightower:

    With his pass blocking ability and receiving ability, he'll be more of a part of the passing game than the running game:

    150 car.    600 yds.   4 tds.

    35 rec.      350 yds.   3 tds.

    LaRod Stevens Howling:

    With his bursts of speed he can be a great running back in the open field, he also is a deadly option when passing out of the backfield.

    75 car.     300 yds.   2 tds.

    15 rec.     150 yds.   0 tds.


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    Derek Anderson:

    I personally believe he will have the best season of his career with:

    64%     4,200 yds.    30 tds.     16 ints.

    Max Hall:

    Max Hall looked great in the preseason but that was against third stringers, I think he'll play in a few games that happen to be blowouts or if Derek gets injured,but he won't do as well has he did in the preseason:

    55%      225 yds.     1 td.          2 int.

    John Skelton:

    Looked great against the Texans, and looked iffy in the other preseason games:

    58%      50 yds.     0 td.          0 int.


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    Darnell Dockett:

    Nine-O is a true beast, he'll have a great season, especially because he'll have great players like Joey Porter and Darryl Washington to help with the blitz.

    60 solo.   8 sacks.  13 assists.

    Calais Campbell:

    Had a great season last year with 7 sacks, and he'll only get better this year:

    55 solo.  7 sacks.  14 assists.

    Bryan Robinson:

    Bryan is a silent D-lineman, and probably won't be a monster this season with:

    30 solo.   2 sacks.   13 assists.

Line Backer Corps.

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    Joey Porter:

    A veteran line-backer who had a sub-par season last year will not have that same season this year, last year with the Dolphins he only started a handful of games, and still managed to record 9 sacks:

    65 total      12 assists      10 sacks

    Paris Lenon:

    Another veteran who is a great tackler and a solid run stuffer, who also had a subpar season last year with the dreadful 1 win Rams, he'll have a great season this year with the Cardinals:

    115 total      25 assists     2 sacks

    Daryl Washington:

    After seeing his consistancy in the preseason, this rookie has what it takes to be a linebacker in the NFL, and will probably end up winning the Defensive Rookie of the Year:

    80 total       15 assists      6 sacks

    Clark Haggans:

    A veteran who will have great team chemistry with Joey Porter will swallow up running backs coming his way:

    75 total        10 assists      1 sack

Defensive Backs.

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    Dominique Rogers-Cromartie:

    This season, we'll be seeing alot of that (picture):

    8 ints.   30 pass def.   2 return tds.

    Greg Toler:

    With more than decent performance in the preseason this year, and playoffs last year he'll be a more than decent DB opposite DRC:

    2 ints.   20 pass def.   0 return tds.

    Adrian Wilson:

    This monster of a safety will be a reckoning force against offenses in the NFL:

    4 ints.   20 pass def.   1 return tds.   3 sacks.

    Kerry Rhodes:

    A great veteran to go alongside Adrian Wilson is a deadly duo:

    2 ints.  15 pass def.    0 return tds.   0 sacks

Team As a Whole.

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    Arizona Cardinals:

    The Cardinals are a team with noting to lose, they are expected to lose the division and return to a rebuilding stage. This team will be a huge surprise to everyone including the fans this year with:

    11-5 record

    3rd NFC West division crown.

    A visit to the NFC championship game.


    Call me crazy, but all of these predictions are accurate in my eyes, but feel free to post your opinions down below.