Fantasy Baseball, Sabermetrics: Toronto Blue Jays' Brandon Morrow Is K/9 King

TheFantasyFix.comAnalyst ISeptember 7, 2010

Brandon Morrow Is The K/9 King
Brandon Morrow Is The K/9 KingMichael Heiman/Getty Images

Don't be fooled, sabermetrics can be simple too! 

SABR has provided us with some complex statistics to interpret baseball production, but sometimes we need to take a step back and look at some simple stats to uncover telling information. 

In part three of our Sabermetric Series, we're looking at K/9 and how to use it for fantasy ownage.

There is no better counting statistic to measure the dominance of a pitcher than the strikeout. 

The strikeout is one of the few statistics which the pitcher has the ability to allow his skill to show as compared to statistics where defense is a factor. 

It's no coincidence that the league leaders in strikeouts make up a list of the who's who in our fantasy game. 

But to look simply at the number of strikeouts a pitcher tallies would devalue pitchers who have thrown in a limited number of innings...say hello to K/9, strikeouts per nine Innings

The formula for K/9 is:

K/9 = Strikeouts / (Innings Pitched / 9)

A simple percentage of strikeouts to batters faced is a telling statistic, but K/9 presents the strikeouts against the base of one full baseball game. 

The baseline allows for interpretation in meaning full baseball terms, as compared to a percentage. 

For example, Bud Norris strikes out 23.4 percent of the batters he faces and Norris tallies 9.20 strikeouts per nine innings. The strike out percentage doesn't indicate how well he'll tally strikeouts while K/9 does.


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