The Media, Vikings Coaches, Players, & Fans OWE The SAINTS An Apology!

Keith BrantleyCorrespondent ISeptember 4, 2010

Vikings Coaches, Players, & Fans
Vikings Coaches, Players, & Fans

I would like to state first and foremost that when someone is wrong, punishment and criticism is fine.  Earlier this year the criticism of the New Orleans Saints players and the coaching staff was frankly lazy and misdirected.

The story after the NFC Championship was simply that Gregg Williams (Defensive Coordinator) and the Saints players were playing "dirty" with the game plan against Favre and the Vikings.

This foolishness went unchallenged for a week or more.  That changed when someone named spear runner posted the following video on

This video offers clarity to the game and is only two minutes long.  You and I DO NOT have access to the plethora of film the teams do.  The video and the clips pieced together are readily available.

In my opinion, the media, and the Vikings organization have acted like a bunch of cry babies. 

Football is a violent game.  Players get hit and hit each other by design. 

Recently the Vikings coach and players went on record complaining again about the Saints players, coaches, and the officiating.  They are simply sore losers.


At 28 seconds of the video, you clearly see number 51 hit Drew Brees in the head with no penalty called.  Then adding insult to injury, Jared Allen is seen picking him up by the foot from behind by the leg.  You and I both know that if ANYONE picked up Brady, Manning, or precious little Brett this way, the flag would have been thrown.

At 51 seconds Farve is driven into the ground, penalty called.  I have NO problem with this.  Then go to 1:14 and look at the same thing happening to Drew with NO FLAG.  Fair, no, but it does happen in every game.

Move forward between 1:40 and 1:47 for the NON call of OFFENSIVE Pass Interference.  You cannot characterize what was called for roughing Brett a vicious hit in anyone’s book.

Instead of him getting that penalty called, he should’ve received a “Tony Award”.  If you don’t get the reference, look it up.

“Bad” calls happen to each and every team.  Accepting that human error is part of the game is natural.  It is completely wrong to begin claiming malice on the opposing team because you lost.

Personally, if the teams are going to label others as mean, maybe they should sacrifice a penalty or two and truly show them what a vicious hit really looks like. 

The bottom line is simply that the Vikings are either “soft”, Liars, or attempting to get the Refs on their side next week for the NFL season opener.  None of these are attributes we should encourage on or off of the playing field.

I welcome any and all thoughts you have.