Cincinnati Bengals Antonio Bryant Antidote: Bring Back TJ Houshmandzadeh

Ezri Silver@Maalot20Correspondent ISeptember 3, 2010 is reporting that TJ will be released by the Seahawks in favor of a former USC product and Detroit Lions first-round pick, Mike Williams. 

This is fortuitous news for the Bengals if they are willing to take another chance on the formerly disgruntled Houshmandzadeh.  Additionally, with the loss of Antonio Bryant and the irresistible attraction to coming back to full strength with three veteran receiver options, one has to wonder if the Bengals will make a play for TJ. 

Ochocinco has already stated he will be lobbying heavily on his Twitter feed.  Likely though, it will take a combination of Carson, Marvin, and Bob Bratkowski and a Mike Brown that is finished licking his wounds from the Antonio Bryant debacle fallout to make this move a reality.

Additionally, with the emergence of Jordan Shipley and the acquisition of Terrell Owens as an insurance policy, originally, there may not be enough room for TJ to return to the Bengals.

Yet with the third slot now seemingly open and no salary cap in place, re-signing Houshmandzadeh would be a quick fix to missing link in having the tri-fecta of Ocho, TO, and TJ.  Sure, Gresham would get to keep TJ's old number, but this re-acquisition would be a very intelligent move for the Bengals management to do.

Consider that Housh is fully schooled in the school of Bratkowski and Lewis.

The chemistry between Palmer and Housh, with or without Ocho, was always on par.  Imagine, if you will, how much better 2009 would have been had TJ still been with the team.  Even with Henry and Kelly out, the passing attack certainly would have been much more formidable.  While 2008 was not a successful campaign for the Bengals, Housh filled in brilliantly as the primary option while Ocho was unavailable.

Now, with TJ likely to be back on the open market and in need of a quick marriage, who would be better than the program where eight of nine years of a very productive career were spent?

While Mike Brown and company may not be nearly as forgiving, Bengals fans would likely welcome Housh back with open arms.  If the Bengals (in other words, Mike Brown) are truly committed to a Super Bowl run, upgrading the backup quarterback, possibly adding a safety, and getting another proven veteran receiver (and one that is fully versed in everything Bengals, good and bad) would be the "proof in the pudding."

Bengals Nation can dream....  Now is time for reality.