The Top Stories For the New York Jets Heading Into the Regular Season

David CohenSenior Analyst ISeptember 4, 2010

The Top Stories For the New York Jets Heading Into the Regular Season

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    The New York Jets have built up a lot of hype coming into this season. There’s a new stadium and a bravado the Jets have lacked since the days of Broadway Joe. The preseason provided some insight, intrigue, and frustration for the Jets and their fans heading into the week one smack down with the Ravens.

    Here are the key developments surrounding Gang Green heading into week one.

The Battle For Revis Island Ensues

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    Revis has found ways to grow his island off the field this offseason
    • The best Jets player has been in a holdout for the entire summer with no apparent end in sight. He is seeking Asomugha money. The Jets aren't run by Al Davis, which has created a chasm.
    • If you listen to reports, Republicans will endorse the proposed mosque near the World Trade Center before this deal gets done.
    • Ultimately it’s in the Jets best interest not to give in to Revis. The best corners outside of Oakland make around $10M a year. That is a fair amount and has been offered by the Jets.
    • No corner in the league is worth $1M a game. Only elite quarterbacks should get this kind of money because they make the entire team better. They help the offensive line in protection, open up lanes for the running backs because of their passing, make average receivers look great, keep the defense fresh by sustaining drives, and put the defense in positions to succeed by playing from ahead.
    • Asomugha is an outstanding corner. The Raiders have never won more than five games with him. 
    • If Revis wants to waste the prime of his career, that is his decision. The Jets should just let him sit and not entertain a trade.
    • The Jets have all of the leverage as Revis will not get a deal like the 10 year, $120M deal the Jets offered under the new bargaining agreement.
    • While the Jets don't have an elite secondary without Revis, they have two competent corners in Antonio Cromartie and rookie standout Kyle Wilson.
    • Rex Ryan has always had a top five defense since his defensive coordinator days in Baltimore. History is on the Jets side of this standoff. 

Sanchez Sluggish As Sophomore

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    Sanchez needs a pick me up. Anyone got a hot dog?
    • The Jets hoped Sanchez would immediately build off his postseason success, but it has been a tough start for the second year quarterback.
    • He locks onto one receiver without moving in his progressions immediately after the snap far too often. His confidence plummets when he makes a mistake.
    • Hard Knocks has made this painfully obvious as the offensive coaches try to build him back up.
    • It appears Sanchez will have a longer learning curve from most rookie quarterbacks because of his relative inexperience in college. While the typical quarterback takes three years, Sanchez will likely need four years to fully develop. 
    • The Jets will have to utilize a strong ground game to create easier throwing situations for their young quarterback.

LT Resurrected in New York

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    Meet the shiny new car. If it avoids maintenance, heads will turn.
    • Ladainian Tomlinson has been the lone bright spot of the first team offense.
    • He looks fresh and is going to be a major factor as a change of pace, third down, and goal line back for the Jets.
    • He is changing direction and making cutback runs he didn’t make a year ago. 
    • If his health can hold up through the rigors of the regular season, the Jets have another dynamic weapon that will be a great security blanket for Sanchez.
    • He will also be a nice security blanket as a flex option or third running back in fantasy leagues this season.

Jets Run Defense Stout

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    Have the rush and pass defenses switched places this year?
    • The Jets defense was spectacular last year but wasn’t consistently stout in the running game. 
    • If the preseason is any indication, teams are going to struggle to push the Jets front line off the line of scrimmage.
    • The emergence of Sione Pouha in the middle will help prolong Kris Jenkins and gives Rex Ryan flexibility with Jenkins by allowing him to move across the line to make plays.
    • The Jets as a whole allowed 3.3 yards a carry this preseason. With the notable struggles of the second and third string defense, the starters were more in the neighborhood of giving up two yards a carry.
    • If teams are faced with constant third and long situations, the Jets will feast on opposing offenses.

Front Line Anchors Secured For The Long Haul

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    Mangold and Ferguson can feed the rest of the line for life after signing their new deals.
    • Center Nick Mangold and left tackle D’Brickashaw Ferguson were signed to new contracts that will keep Sanchez protected for at least the next six seasons. 
    • Mangold was especially important as he is arguably the leagues best center and is on pace toward a hall of fame career.
    • His control of the offensive line is a great aid to Sanchez as it gives the young quarterback less to worry about before every snap.
    • With the blind side sealed for the future the Jets can focus on helping the right side of the line.

Gholston's Nuts Drop In Cortland

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    The top defensive bust ever tries to change his rank.
    • Vernon Gholston was the sixth pick in the 2008 draft and was a combine freak expected to be a monster pass rusher for the Jets.
    • To this point he is one of the biggest draft busts in NFL history. He has zero sacks in his career.
    • This was supposed to be the end of the road for Gholston but he has suddenly emerged as a defensive end.
    • The Jets will need Gholston to contribute after the injury to the promising Ropati Pitoitua.
    • While it’s unlikely Gholston will ever justify being the sixth pick in the draft, he has a chance to capture a productive career in the league and get off the all time bust list.

Joe McKnight Not Ready to Run

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    A Trojan that can't wrap it up tight. That pleases no one.
    • McKnight has struggled throughout the preseason with his indecisiveness in the running game.
    • He dances around instead of hitting the hole and churning for yardage.He looks for the home run on every play.
    • He also has problems with ball security.
    • It does not look like he has improved on any of his flaws from his USC days.
    • Right now he's a promising kick returner and arguably is the worst running back on the active roster as Danny Woodhead and Chauncey Washington are more consistent.
    • If he doesn’t improve his toughness, he will remain a fringe NFL player.

Jets Reinforcements to Fly In Soon?

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    Are greener pastures the Jets or retirement?
    • The Jets are down to their active roster but may not be done adding players. The Jets can circumvent guaranteed contracts if they sign players after week one.
    • Hard Knocks has shown that Laveranues Coles could return to the Jets after the opening week of the season.
    • Coles is also contemplating retirement over being a journeyman wide receiver.
    • Various reports indicate that former Patriot and Raven Adalius Thomas may also be signed to help offset the injury to linebacker Calvin Pace after week one.
    • The Jets have to make these types of moves because there is little depth behind the starters at most positions on the roster. The front office has acknowledged because of recent signings and the Revis situation that the Jets cannot afford to pay for high priced talent behind the starters.