Fantasy Football 102: Why Greg Camarillo Should Be on Your Fantasy Roster

Dan CareyCorrespondent ISeptember 4, 2010

Recently traded to Minnesota from Miami, Greg Camarillo may be a surprise player in terms of fantasy and reality in 2010.
Recently traded to Minnesota from Miami, Greg Camarillo may be a surprise player in terms of fantasy and reality in 2010.Doug Benc/Getty Images

Every fantasy season, I tend to pick out one player who has the "very low-risk/high-reward" tag. This is a player where you can take in the second to last round.


The worst case scenario is you drop him in favor of a hot waiver-wire claim or a depth player. If the player does pan out, then you have a player that can be a more than solid bye-week replacement and may even start once in a while pending the match-up.

Nobody really caught my eye this season until August 25. Then it all became clear as to who that player should be.

The newest Minnesota Viking, Greg Camarillo.

Before being traded to Minnesota, it appeared that Camarillo was going to be lost in the shuffle in Miami.

He certainly had no value in terms of fantasy football.

Then on the 25th, he got a reprieve in the fashion of a trade to the Brett Favre led, Super Bowl contending Minnesota Vikings in exchange for cornerback Benny Sapp.

I had two fantasy drafts prior to the trade so obviously, I didn't draft Camarillo as he had no value at the time of the drafts. As soon as I saw that the trade went through, I picked him up in those two leagues almost immediately. Then in my third and final draft of the year, I picked him in the 15th round in a 16 round draft.

Obsessed much?

Since I now owned him on all three teams, I naturally paid close attention to Camarillo in his Vikings debut during their third preseason game in which I was in attendance.

What I saw from Greg brought a smile to my face and a stoke to my fantasy football ego.

Almost immediately, Vikings quarterback Brett Favre seemed to develop a connection with Camarillo hooking up with him four times for 47 yards, both team highs.

Although it may not seem like all that impressive of a box score, what you may not know is that three of his four catches came on third down. All were good for a first down. Not really surprising as in 2009, Camarillo made 14 receptions on third down, 13 were good for first downs.

Talk about trustworthy.

What was surprising about him being a third down force in the game was the fact that Camarillo was on the for all but three days prior to kickoff.

This tells me that Favre already trusts his newest receiver. Why shouldn't he?

Camarillo may not be the fastest or biggest guy on the field but his hands are like super glue, he's very intelligent (a Stanford grad who turned down Harvard), and he runs very precise routes.

He's basically a Wes Welker clone.

Including Camarillo's abilities, the Vikings' receiving corps is also slightly hurting.

Star receiver Sidney Rice is out until at least half the season and reigning rookie of the year, Percy Harvin, suffers from migraine attacks, one of which hospitalized Harvin. Also, Bernard Berrian had a down right terrible showing in the third preseason contest against the Seattle Seahawks.

Even though Harvin, the Vikings, and doctors are optimistic that they have a handle on Harvin's migraines, Camarillo will still get a good amount of playing time either lined up wide or in the slot. He may also be Favre's number one look on third down during the season if the preseason was any indication.

With all of that said, I believe Camarillo has very high upside while in Vikings' purple to the point where I wouldn't be surprised if he's leading the team in yards going into week six. Even if Rice is back around week 6, odds point at Camarillo still having a role on the team for the remainder of the season.

So go ahead and take a flier on Greg Camarillo in the late rounds or pick him up in the free-agent pool if you have the roster room.

Why not?

You have everything to gain and nothing to lose (except readers in my case!)


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