As Tim Tebow Ascends, So Do the Denver Broncos (Part 1)

Benjamin RichardsonContributor ISeptember 4, 2010

As Tim Tebow Ascends, So Do the Denver Broncos (Part 1)

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    (Post Orton Era)

    Tim Tebow has clearly looked like an NFL caliber Quarterback during the his inaugural preseason.

    The many experts who chimed in are split somewhere on whether he will become good.

    Clearly the knock most experts hit him with coming out of college was not a big factor thus far.

    His motion had caused a problem, but after watching Matt Schaub use the exact same wind up a week earlier and also get a fumble from it, I knew Tebow would be able to use his throwing motion with no problem.

    Tebow's flaw has been the short game. Misses on open receivers crossing the field have hurt his percentages. Other than that, this kid can make the needed throws.

    So begins part 1.

    Lets begin at Home. The Denver Broncos face an evolving AFC West. The San Diego Chargers still set the standard. They were 1-3 this preseason just like the Denver Broncos.

    However, that means nothing as, of course, the Indianapolis Colts are consistently a bottom feeder in preseason. 

    Tebow will face San Diego, Oakland, and Kansas City twice a year.

    San Diego last year sported the 11th-ranked passing defense. By the time Tebow takes the reins, San Diego will probably be back in the top 10 as they have the young talent to go for a while.

    Tim Tebow even in his rookie preseason shows a very quick read with the ball. He goes from pulling up to gone really quickly. That will only improve as he continues to read NFL Defenses.

    San Diego has a QB of their own who does this extremely well.

    By the way, he was on the "supports Tebow" list ironically.

    The battle between these two teams will thus become defensive in coming years. As San Diego has dominated offensively over the last 3/4 decade.

    The same cannot be said about Oakland. Jason Campbell looks all right. Once again, I say Oakland drafts a QB next year and has its own little QB competition next year.

    The Oakland Raiders defense will more than likely crack the top 5 in a couple years. They have made moves that no one can argue with.

    They will need to compliment Awesome wah (Come to Denver bad boy we would love to have you) he cant be the only CB doing work in the secondary. Seymore is dirty. Probably a good thing in the NFL.

    However, until they do put depth at CB, Tebow will eat them alive. The kid not only has the knack to find the open guy, he can use his feet to cause the defense to have to cover man to man, thus allowing him to drop those pretty down fielders he throws.

    Kansas City is working on it. Eric Berry may be the best in the backfield but they have some youngsters starting to step it up. Not much.

    But besides that, they have the most need to invest in defense. Tebow will defeat KC for years if they dont add quality depth at defense in all positions.

    Except safety. They have two young guns that are pretty good.

    The Broncos, however, have been able to put together some impressive games under the rookie Tebow.

    In fact, one would say he could continue to be the scoring mad house he was in college. All the debate about Tebow is nothing but fuel at this point.

    From third string to second string, and almost as good as the starter in one preseason. Yeah, he's got talent.

    Orton has all the accuracy, but when the wall breaks down, so does Orton. When the wall breaks down on Tebow, get your popcorn ready.

    Tim Tebow has shown he indeed belongs in the NFL. He can perform in the NFL. He is poised to begin his ascent to an elite quarterback in the NFL.

    Josh McDaniels did not bring the Patriot way to Denver like so many have stated. He is clearly going NFL rogue and building something new. Fresh. Exciting.

Eric Decker and Demaryius Thomas

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    Why would someone care so much about this tandem? It's very simple. They don't just sit back and wait for the ball. In fact, both were known in college for going after the ball.

    Why is this important to Tebow?

    During the season, Tebow will be facing some of the best coverage in the league. He seems to place the ball well enough in his long passes.

    These two receivers will allow Tebow to make a play and expect a play to be made in return, even if he did not have the best release.

    If the tandem can get healthy, Denver's passing game will open up in whole new ways. The Road Runner that Thomas is will allow the deep threat to reach levels that can only be imagined right now. Yes we have other fast receivers. None with the jumping ability of Thomas.  

    Tebow escapes blitzes with grace and his quick pull up will benefit greatly from having these two out there. As well as being able to escape those threats and even get a chance to deliver the ball.

    Tebow is the only QB on the roster who escapes the blitz well.

Knowshon Moreno

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    This kid skews talent. He needs to stay healthy.

    Tebow has an app for that. No really, though, the threat that Tebow poses on the run is too much to be ignored by opposing defenses.

    Tebow can easily pick up 10 in a heartbeat. Should Denver utilize the QB sneak on a fake handoff, things would get interesting.

    Knowshon is one of the more talented runners in the NFL. In his rookie year, he only flashed moments of greatness. No worries, though. The line this preseason with back ups has been stellar creating holes.

    The backup backs have not done the best job of choosing the lane. Knowshon has no problem doing this.

    This year his options will open up to use his athleticism as the line pulls more often and the FB will be utilized more this year to create holes. 

    Anyone who doubts my analysis of Moreno need only look to the professionals. They draft him in honorable company in their own fantasy drafts.

    One of the more unknown intangible attributes  Tebow and Moreno share is their nose for the end zone.

    This will produce many, many touchdowns. A prolific running game indeed.

Wide Out Stable

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    Eddie Royal with cheese please. The smiles will be really big this year for this slot receiver. He actually helps Tebow quite a bit.

    Eddie eats coverage. He is small, elusive and has great hands. He can break wide open on any play and can make defense pull back to prevent him from large plays.

    Cue in Moreno. Running game has room to breathe. That's not all. Jabbar Gaffney has been the man this offseason. He has shown the ability to make big plays and threaten a team's secondary, thus commanding respect.

    Cue TE. An out left or right and a first down easy every time. Gaffney and Royal make this possible. Cue the blitz. Tebow makes this play a positive. Not a negative.

    Tebow has the ability to command a line. His escape factor can humble rushes.

    His rushing ability will demand they consider rushing Tebow frequently. Royal will get dumps often. His plays this year will go up. Mathew Willis, Tebow's favorite target this offseason, will create depth.

    In fact the Broncos have so many good receivers I will go out and say it right now. They have the most underrated receiver stable in the NFL.

    Oh wait, I've said that before. Tebow has one heck of a group of young men to lead.

The Defense

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    The Broncos have got some good rookies this year. Cox and Thompson represent what a rookie pick should be and will spell the end for someone in Denver. I think we know who.

    The Denver defense will help Tebow get over the hump of taking over once he does. They have been steady and only need to tighten up the run.

    They already appear to be picking up where they left off last year in the backfield. Picking off balls like they were the target.

    The return of Doom by this time will push Denver's D to the top as Ayers will only get better. Could this be the beginning of a top 5 defense? I don't see why not.

    They have only got to get Doom back before the rush will be full force.

    Denver should not trade any of their CB's not named Smith. Unless it's Alphonso. Only because we have better prospects to invest in and need to efficiently use our resources. Clearly. 

    Nate Jones hs not impressed me.

    Tebow will score. I mean score a lot. Teams will be forced to throw to catch up to Denver and as we know that is where Denver shines. How do I know this?

    Well besides being from the future, his receivers and running backs were what stopped Tebow's drives.

    The mistakes he made he came back with a drive to score. Most would of some way or another if the receivers had held on. That's what preseason is for.

Josh McDaniels

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    The Coach uses his Quarterbacks to their best abilities. He picks plays that caters to the Quarterbacks strengths and less toward the weakness of that Quarterback.

    Tebow will blow McDaniel's playbook wide open. He learns it like Neo learned Kung Fu and McDaniels will more than likely use Tebow this year in many different formations.

    It can be said we have only seen a prelude of things to come. Things look good and I for one actually like the direction coach McDaniels has taken in obtaining his own identity for this organization.

    Tebow will honestly get the chance and so will McDaniels. Bowlen is not known for getting rid of his coaches quickly.

    Many experts think this is a make or break year. I say no way, This thing he has built is huge. Just taking form. Not to mention Powerful.

    He has slowly gathered the talent in smart ways to utilize Tebow to his fullest. Yes, Thomas came first in the draft but it is known McDaniels had chosen to draft Tebow before the day even came.

    Thomas was therefore a piece of the puzzle from the get go.

    You may not like him or the moves he has made. However, Denver has not gotten any worse than Shanahan had us for the last decade. He had a new QB and a first year program. in year two things will get better.

    Tebow can lead Denver back to the Super Bowl. Heck even Kyle Orton could if he continues his play consistently all season.

Us, The Denver Broncos Fans

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    Out of all of those who shall ascend with Tebow and get the most from it is Us. The Fans.

    You see, Cutler brought hope but left you feeling like if he had the ball, it was going to the other team under pressure.

    We needed a winner. Tebow will give us the hope we lost when we lost good old John Elway for good.

    This is a new era where you can buy a jersey for you child and be proud of the player he is wearing.

    The Broncos fans are already left out as contenders. Spoken over in the after thought of that like the Oakland Raiders.

    Things will look up. A Mile up. Soon Denver will ascend to the rankings of the NFL's elite and it will be led by the Two time National Champ and former Heisman winning Quarterback from Florida.

    Tim Tebow.

    Thanks for the read.