Brett Favre, Yadda Yadda Yadda, New York Jets

Joe WillettSenior Writer IAugust 6, 2008

Brett Favre has been known for making poor decisions in the pocket. He leads the NFL in career interceptions, so let's just say he saw the wrong team at times.

It seems like this is one of those times.

Favre has been talking about wanting to play for a contender. His best chance was going to the Vikings. Grumblings were that he wanted to also be a Bear, but reports were that the Bears didn't like him back.

So what happened? Favre was intercepted by the Jets.

A contender is what the Jets are not right now. At best, the Jets are now fifth in the AFC, behind the Patriots, Colts, Chargers and Jaguars. This does not bode well for a player who wants to win another Super Bowl.

If he was smart, he would have made the move to a team that is in the NFC or, better yet, in his division. At least he now has a cool nickname, Brett "The Jet" Favre, as I have anointed him.

But this wasn't just a dumb decision by good ol' Favre, it was an even dumber decision by the Packers and, mainly, Ted Thompson.

As soon as Favre said that he was going to come into camp and you publicly announced that there was going to be a quarterbacks competition, you cut off all trade talks with other teams.

Now, Aaron Rodgers is the girl that you sort of like, if the girl you really like doesn't like you. 

You know, you tell her that you will go out with her Friday night, then the girl you really like calls you on Thursday so you tell the other girl that your grandpa died or something. Then the girl you like tells you she came down with the flu, and you have to call the girl you sort of like and tell her your grandpa somehow came back to life.  (Wow, that is an awkward paragraph.)

Another problem, Sports Illustrated just ran a story on the back page about how Favre has been surreal this offseason. Do you have to ruin all the Packers lines he use? The Rodgers quip at the end is now rendered useless. Is this the real reason? Chris Ballard must be crushed.

All-in-all, at least this signals the end of all the "where will Favre go?" drama.

Be ready for all the "how will Favre play this season?" and "how will Rodgers respond to being the second option?" drama.

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