Philadelphia Phillies Main Strengths and Weaknesses In 2010

JohnContributor IIISeptember 10, 2010

Philadelphia Phillies Main Strengths and Weaknesses In 2010

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    This year has been a crazy year for the Phillies.  There have been many ups and downs, and there may be many more to come.  The team has had some injuries, they have had some slumps, they have had some winning streaks, etc.  To sum it all up, they've basically had everything.  And for the most part, they have still done good throughout it all.  Here are some of their main strengths and main weaknesses.

Strength No. 1: Three Aces In Starting Rotation

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    There has been a lot of talk about the Phillies starting rotation this year. From trading pitchers to getting pitchers from the minors, their starting rotation has gone through a lot of renovation this year.  And they have ended up with what they have now, which is probably one of the best starting rotations in the league.  And it is led by their three aces: Cole Hamels, Roy Halladay, and Roy Oswalt.

Strength No. 2: Clutch Hitting

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    This year, the Phillies have had some great clutch hitting.  And in the heart of it all is Carlos Ruiz.  He has led many comebacks, got many walk-offs, and really powered the Phillies to many wins this season.

Strength No. 3: Players Are Heating Up

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    This year the Phillies have had some slumping players.  Jimmy Rollins was slumping, Shane Victorino was slumping, and a lot of others were too.  But one of the main advantages for the Phillies now is that a lot of those players who were slumping before are now heating up.  If this team was good when these players were slumping, then just think about how they will play when the payers are hot.

Strength No. 4: Baserunning and Speed

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    The Phillies have a lot of speed on their team.  They have some very fast runners like Jimmy Rollins, Shane Victorino, and Jayson Werth.  Their players are also very good base runners, and that could be a big advantage as the season is coming to a close.

Strength No. 5: Fan Base

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    The Phillies have a a very good fan base, and this could really influence the way that they play.  The fans stay with them and have faith in them whether they are in first place or last place.  And you just have to admit it.  The phans in Philly are phenomenal.

Strength No. 6: Experience

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    The Phillies have had a lot of experience in the playoffs and under pressure.  They have won two consecutive National League titles and three consecutive division titles.  This could be an important factor in the playoffs, or even in a division race where there is a lot of pressure.

Weakness No. 1: Inconsistency

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    This year the Phillies have had a lot of inconsistency.  They have Brad Lidge, who (luckily) has recently been good, but is still very inconsistent.  They have Joe Blanton and Kyle Kendrick, who have both been inconsistent all year.  And they have many other inconsistent players, which could be a big weakness to the team.

Weakness No. 2: Bad Pitchers At The End Of Starting Rotation

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    The end of the Phillies starting rotation may be the main weakness of the team.  After their three aces they have Kyle Kendrick and Joe Blanton.  Blanton has not been having a very good season, but has recently been doing very well.  So that just leaves Kendrick.  Kyle Kendrick has been inconsistent all year, but has recently been showing signs of being just plain bad.  He has not had a very good start in a while, and the end of the rotation might be a major factor for the division race or in the playoffs.

Weakness No. 3: Good Competition

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    This year, instead of the Mets being the Phillies competition in the East, it is the Braves.  The Atlanta Braves have been doing very good, and are pretty equal to the Philies.  There is also competition outside of the East, but luckily the other good teams in the National League have been recently slumping, making the Phillies the best team in the league.

Undecided No. 1: Playing Atlanta In Last Series Of Season

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    This event may be good or bad, it just depends on the situation when it comes to this series.  They also play in the fourth from last series, which also could be good or bad depending on what the standings are.  If the Phillies are down by a couple games as October starts, it could be good that they play.  If the Phillies are ahead by a couple games, it could be bad that they play.  As I said in the last slide, the Braves are a good team, and they have done very good against the Phillies this year.

Undecided No. 2: A Bit Of Overconfidence...maybe

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    This may be a strength or a weakness, if they even have overconfidence.  After all of the Phillies success, they are kind of used to winning.  I don't know if this has created a bit of overconfidence or not.  It probably would for most teams, but maybe the Phillies are different than most teams and they don't have overconfidence.  I don't know, but let's assume they do.  If they have overconfidence, that could be a bad thing because it could lead to them not playing as well because they think they can easily win.  But it could also be a good thing because overconfidence might make them think they are better than they really are, and that could make them play better.  Because in baseball, if you think you can be good, than you really can be good.