Matt Leinart To Be Released By Cardinals Signed By Seahawks?

Danny ThompsonContributor ISeptember 2, 2010

CHICAGO - AUGUST 28: Matt Leinart #7 of the Arizona Cardinals walks in the bench area during a preseason game against the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field on August 28, 2010 in Chicago, Illinois. The Cardinals defeated the Bears 14-9. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

According to Mike Florio of Quarterback Matt Leinart will play his last game for the Arizona Cardinals this week and be released by the Cardinals after their final preseason game.

While at present posting of this story, the news on Leinart is purely a conspiracy theory and currently no source out of Arizona has verified the claim, the idea has to be considered.

The thought is Leinart has lost the Cardinals locker room and faith in his ability to lead this team from the perspective of the Cardinals coaching staff.

Though Florio admitted on Seattle's KJR 950 that Leinhart  being cut by the Cardinals and subsequent signing by the Hawks is speculation.

The reality of Leinart playing for the Hawks in 2010 isn't really that far stretched, especially considering the play of Charlie Whitehurst in the last two weeks and the reality that Matt Hasselbeck isn't getting any younger.

Lets face it Seahawks fans, Leinart would love to reunite with the man who helped him win a Heisman trophy at USC in Pete Carroll.

Furthermore, with only two-years remaining on his contract, the $2.4 million it would cost to give him a one-year audition in Seattle isn't that big of a risk, but do you really want a guy whose career passing rating is 70.8 to be the future of the franchise?

ESPN reports that the Giants, Bills and Raiders are also showing interest in Leinart, but the theory coming out of Arizona is Leinhart is demanding to be a starter, so that no team will trade for him, forcing the Cardinals to cut the former first round pick, allowing the Seahawks to sign him.

Which is something the Cardinals don't want to happen, being that the Seahawks also play in the NFC West.

My theory is, don't do it!

Yeah I like the idea of reuniting Leinart with Wide out Mike Williams, but after four years what has Leinart done in the NFL, besides not being able to earn a starting quarterback job on a Superbowl team?

The Cardinal were a laughing stock of an organization before Leinart got there and now their two time defending NFC West champs.

Think about Matt Leinhart for a second, this guy was suppose to be part of the rebuilding project in Arizona and the Cardinals became contenders with him holding a clip board.

Now this guy is suppose to prove his worth in Seattle with Carroll?

That is ludicrous Hawks fans, Pete Caroll is good but he isn't Bill Belichick.

Matt Leinart is what he is, a career backup and signing him this early would only be admitting a mistake in trading for Whitehurst.

Coming from someone who bleeds purple I think we have enough Trojans in Seattle for one year, come on Seahawks, take a pass on the party boy.