4 Reasons That Tarvaris Jackson Needs To Leave Minnesota

Scott ReinkeContributor ISeptember 3, 2010

4 Reasons That Tarvaris Jackson Needs To Leave Minnesota

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    Brad Childress has anchored his career to the success of Tarvaris Jackson as the QB in Minnesota.  It has been four years now and the evidence is not here that says he qualifies for the job, yet Childress insists on keeping Jackson.  For whatever reason he is still in purple, here is my opinion on why he needs to go.

1. Injury Prone

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    Jackson was drafted in the 2nd round of the 2006.  He had to have knee surgery in September of that year and did not play his first NFL game until the 13th week. In 2007 he missed three games due to a variety of injuries, strained groin, concussion and broken index finger.  In 2008 he re-injured his knee in the second preseason game which kept him out for the final two preseason games.  As we know in 2009 he did not have many opportunities to get injured.  He has never played a full NFL season as a starting quarterback.  Injuries are not the whole picture, but it is a part of the bigger picture.

2. Performance, Or Lack There Of

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    In four seasons T-Jack, whom Brad Childress referred to as a "diamond in the rough",  has started 19 games with a passer rating of 76.5.  He has a completion rate of 58.4 and averages 120 yard per game passing.  He has thrown 21 touchdowns to 18 interceptions and has been sacked 41 times, which he can't be responsible for in Minnesota.  In 2007 he started 12 games and led the Vikings to be the second worst passing offense in the NFL.  In 2008 he was benched for poor performance and relegated his starting position to Gus Frerotte.  He had one amazing game against Arizona where he earned offensive player of the week, but as we know that effort was in vain.  The Vikings were defeated in a very winnable game against Philadelphia.   All of this leading to the Vikings picking up Sage Rosenfels to compete for the starting job and the inevitable signing of Brett Favre.  Sounds like the diamond has remained "rough".

3. Attitude

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    It looks like lately Tarvaris has acquired an entitlement attitude, as he should because Childress has said he is the number two guy with no budging.  There doesn't seem to be a competition here.  The number two position for quarterback has apparently been predetermined.  When asked how he feels about the boos, he says, "It's gotten to a point now where I don't even care."  The first couple of years here there were teammates questioning T-Jacks work ethic. When you watch on the sidelines Sage Rosenfels is always next to Brett Favre looking over plays and learning from the veteran.  I believe that Jackson has gotten bitter over the past two years with the Favre circus and Minnesota's ensuing love affair with Brett Favre.  To be honest with you I would be bitter too, however if the previous slide would have been more impressive, maybe there would be a love affair with Tarvaris Jackson.

4. Four Quarterbacks?

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    I have heard Childress say lately that they are considering keeping four quarterbacks.  He says that he is keeping T-Jack at number two because of what he saw in training camp rather than what he hasn't seen in pre-season.  That confirms my opinion that T-Jack is an ok quarterback, when it doesn't matter.  There is so much talent and depth on this team in so many areas that it will be hard enough to cut the roster back to 53.  There is no need for this many quarterbacks in Minnesota.  Truth be told it would have been a better idea to not pay Favre the extra $7 million, trade T-jack and beef up the offensive line.  It doesn't matter who is back there is they are laying on their back.  If they cut Sage someone will pick him up and if they cut Joe Webb, someone else will cash in on him and he will be a superstar.  Couldn't Chilly just once say, "I was wrong and move on from this developmental project.  It has failed.