Arizona vs. Washington: Will Matt Leinart Play?

Jack London@@Londonbridges21Correspondent ISeptember 1, 2010

Arizona vs. Washington: Will Matt Leinart Play?

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    Yes, there is still a game on Thursday. 

    I'll be watching it anyway. 

    Not sure if Matt Leinart will. 

    And...boom goes the dynamite. 

    I'm sure by now that unless you've been stuck in an office with no internet access for the last 24 hours you've heard about Matt Leinart possibly being traded. 

    Or being cut. 

    Or still making the team. 

    Or dating Jessica Simpson. 

    I made that last one up, but on a serious note, how many of you know there's another preseason game left?

    For those that don't know, the Cardinals play the Washington Redskins tomorrow night at 10:00 PM ET on NFL Network. 

    Here's five, er, four other things to watch out for. 

1. Stephen Williams

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    If Matt Leinart weren't around, Williams would be the story in the preseason for the Cardinals. 

    Reportedly, the Cardinals actually thought Williams was a third round value, but ended up not taking him, instead going with Andre Roberts.

    That sure makes the coaching staff look smart. 

    And with injury issues galore in the wide receiver ranks, Williams has taken every opportunity the Cardinals have thrown at him (pun intended). 

    And with it, he appears to have solved the dilemma of the fourth wide receiver spot for Arizona. 

    And with the reserves getting lots of time this week, Williams should be in for another big game. 

2. Players on the Fringe

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    This is the big game before all the roster cuts. 

    The starters will maybe play a couple of series at best, so the reserves will get plenty of action. 

    As of right now, there are several names you have probably heard who may or may not make the team based on their performance tomorrow night. 

    Guys like Jim Dray, the Cards 7th rounder. 

    Or Stevie Baggs, the linebacker/defensive end hybrid who led the CFL last year in sacks. 

    Then there's another undrafted guy like Marshay Green, who's had a good camp and a so-so preseason. 

    He's probably competing with Justin Miller for a backup role. 

    Keep your eyes on these guys tomorrow night. If they have huge games, the coaching staff has a tough decision to make. 

3. Who Plays Fullback?

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    The Cardinals just recently traded away Jorrick Colvin, their sixth rounder, to get Charles Scott, a name LSU fans are very familiar with. 

    Scott was a halfback in college, but is built to be more of a fullback-type in the NFL, a la Jacob Hester. 

    And when Nehemiah Broughton went down, the Cardinals needed to go get somebody. 

    They still have incumbent Reagan Mauia, so the playing time split will be interesting.

    Will Scott play with the first team at all? 

    Will Mauia, who is more familiar with the offense, fill a glaring need?

    It's certainly something worth watching against the 'Skins. 

4. Max Hall or John Skelton: Who Now Becomes the Backup?

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    With the aforementioned Leinart appearing to be on his way out, it looks to fall on the young shoulders of these two rookies to be the backup to Derek Anderson. 

    And as I mentioned, Thursday will be all about the reserves. 

    Right now, my money is on Hall to be the backup. He's looked like the more comfortable quarterback overall, and appears to have a greater grasp on the offense. 

    But with a great performance, Skelton could take his place. 

    I would imagine both should play over a quarter and a half, so the Cardinals fans will get many opportunities to see their future at QB. 

5. Where Will Matt Leinart Be?

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    And finally what you've all been waiting for...where in the world will Matt Leinart be come Thursday night?

    Will he still be the backup? Or will he be on another team entirely. 

    On a sidenote here, it sure has been one crazy week for the Cardinals hasn't it?

    Last week at this time, Leinart was still the starter as far as anyone was concerned. 

    And now, he may not even be a Cardinal by the end of the week. 

    What will be more interesting is if he is still a Cardinal, will Coach Whisenhunt let him play? 

    My gut says no. 

    Oh, the tangled web we weave. 


    Well, folks, enjoy the game. 

    And try not to think too much about Leinart (although I doubt that'll be a problem for you).