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NEW YORK - JANUARY 05:  (L-R) General Manager Omar Minaya watches Jason Bay and put on a New York Mets hat as Mets COO Jeff Wilpon looks on during a press conference to announce Bay's signing to the New York Mets on January 5, 2010 at Citi Field in the Flushing neighborhood of the Queens borough of New York City.  (Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images)
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This headline isn't breaking news, especially to Mets fans.  This headline is just the stark reality of what fans had to endure during this season.


Let's date back to last year when it was found out that The Mets Limited Partnership, which is connected to the Wilpon family, led by Mets owner Fred Wilpon, deposited $522.8 million in two accounts with Madoff and withdrew $570.6 million. 


After this revelation it was rumored that the Mets organization would NOT be fully affected by it.  They tried to convince everyone, that could hear, that this organization was still holding strong.  According to the Wall Street Journal, the team said "As has been stated previously, this has no effect on the operations of the New York Mets,"   They tried to display that visage for as long as possible.  But the cracks have already broken and the team's ownership has shown fans their true colors. 


On December 29 the mets announced the signing of Jason Bay for 4 years $66million dollars.  Although this was a good pickup at the time, it would prove detrimental to the team when their star pick up numbers became .259 AVG 6 HR 47 RBI, before he was diagnosed with what, in my opinion, was a season ending concussion on July 27th.


Although Jason Bay was a good pickup it was not the pickup the NY Mets needed desperately.  That need fell on starting pitching. Omar Minaya's constant assurance that the starting rotation consisting of John Maine, Oliver Perez, Johnathon Niese, Mike Pelfrey, and Johan Santana, was what we Mets fans needed to look forward to, did not sound very assuring.  All that did was leave us scratching our heads.


Meanwhile other teams, especially ones in our division, were snatching up starters and good position players.  The excuses of our budget and the contracts that we had began to circulate about.  Well, 2/5th's of the rotation is not active as I am writing this article.  Niese had been out for about a month, now back, and Johan has not pitched like Johan for most of the season, and when he has no one has hit for him (that will be done in a second article). 


Nothing was done about all this, not one thing.  The Wilpon's nor Omar Minaya got anybody worth anything to contribute in the absence of the previously mentioned flops.  They were just simply lucky, lucky that Ike Davis played like an all star in his first couple of months on the seen, lucky they got great pitching from Takahashi, and lucky that they hit lightning in a bottle with R.A. Dickey's wonderful pitching so far.


All that those players have done is just cast a mask on this organization.  At first I was upset and kept saying that we're better then the way we are playing.  But the truth is the Mets aren't.  We should have had a record like the Washington Nationals, but due to those aforementioned stars this team has Over-Achieved.  Now is when the Mets are showing their true colors.  It blows my mind watching David Wright and Carlos Beltran in the lineup not doing a damn thing.


And how does Omar, and the Wilpon's pay back their loyal fans?  By slapping them in the faces come the trading deadline with nothing but a plane ticket back to CitiField, and their tail between their legs.  No wonder the players started to play even worse after the deadline, they realized their own owners, and GM didn't even care enough to put together something for a run at the playoffs.  All that does is say to me that this team WAS truly affected financially.


To say this team is garbage is an understatement, and, believe me, I am the biggest Mets fan man.  I truly am.  I know people will say "Oh you need to stick with your team, that's a true fan".  Well, I still like the team and I will continue to cheer them on.  Next year I will still hold out hope for the playoffs, but the truth is the truth.  This team is crap and their ownership doesn't care.


Now on to the Manager.  Oh my goodness, this is the worst Manager the Mets have ever had, and I want him gone so badly.  The best thing about this season is the end, and the hope that the Mets bring back Bobby Valentine, Wally Backman, or anyone for that matter.  I mean geez I would rather see Art Howe back as a Mets manager. 


This man has been defended by countless personalities saying that it is not his fault the team isn't hitting or pitching.  Well, although it is the individuals fault for the lack of production, the reason for the "manager's" position is to "manage".  He does not know how to do that properly.


How can I say this right.  Jerry Manuel is the worst Righty/Lefty percentage user I have ever seen.  Every time he puts a batter in to face an opposing pitcher or pitcher to face a batter he uses the percentages, almost 100% of the time.  He is always 98% wrong, it's horrible. 


He has taken out key players during a game and double switched when he shouldn't have.  He puts his closer in when he doesn't need him, and has over used pitchers during games.  He has placed rookies as clean up hitters, and has placed good hitters at lead off, or down in the order.  He has switched his lineups I don't know how many times.  I can recall one span of about 12-15 games where the lineup was different every game.


He has lied, oh boy has he lied.  How many times has he said he would rest someone and not do it?  How many times has he said he would play someone and not do it? Just recently he said that Pagan was his sure #3 hitter, the next day he had him as lead off.  He started Beltran off as cleanup.  He just came off of surgery and it shows that he still hasn't gotten back to form.  He plays D. Wright in the middle of the order with his constant strikeouts. 


Now I'm not saying there was any one better in those spots, because the whole team is bad, but where is the discipline.  If a player is bad, he gets dropped, simple as that.  Jerry is always late for the party, making decisions way too late.


Then there are the interviews.  Watching this guy in an interview is like pulling teeth.  He says things like this "I was waiting for a passed ball or something like that," Manuel joked. "We'll do better."   This was in response to a game where the Mets had bases loaded and couldn't score, the end result, a loss.  We'll do better!? Are you kidding me?  You haven't done shit.


With all those things, you would think that the ownership would see that and do something about it.  But, it falls back to the point that this ownership doesn't care about the playoffs at this point.  They are just treading water, and Jerry Manuel knows it.  I can give one credit where it is due to Jerry Manuel.  Recently he was quoted as saying that his team was "pathetic".  I loved hearing that, it shows that Jerry has some spunk in him.  That's what I want to hear.


Maybe it's me, but I need a manager that is going to get in the team's face, not sit down and talk about Buddha.  Everyone seems truly lost.  The other day in Houston when the Mets won David Wright said that they have been playing "Average baseball".  Really, David, you call scoring 3 runs or less in 19 of 28 games only Average, I call that pathetic, And can someone please tell me why Pat Misch is pitching and not Takahashi?  They are saving Takahashi for the 8th inning, but since the Mets haven't been outscoring their opponents, WHAT'S THE POINT.


I know this is mostly a rant, but someone had to do it.  The Mets needs to start cutting some ties with a lot of players.  I like Beltran, but I am realistic to know he won't be here next year, along with K-Rod, Castillo (hopefully, even though he wasn't god awful), Ollie (thank Goodness), and another name player, I believe.  I am sorry to say this, and I think he is great, but I think that D. Wright has finally met his match in this ball club.  It may be time to pack your bags.  We need grit players.


This team needs to get their act together and if this ownership wants to see any butts in the seats next season, they better A. Cut prices in half, or B. Get some people the fans care about.



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