5 Players the SF Giants Need To Get Hot In September to Make the Playoff

Joshua ChangContributor ISeptember 1, 2010

5 Players the SF Giants Need To Get Hot In September to Make the Playoff

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    Entering the last month just 4 GB of the Padres for first in the NL West and 1.5 GB of the Phillies for the Wild Card.

    Here are my top 5 players that need to heat up to help the Giants into the playoffs.

5. Buster Posey

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    After an incredible July in which he hit .417 with 7 HRs and driving in 24 RBIs, Posey is only batting .273 with 2 HRs in August.

    The Giants need an impact bat in the lineup to compliment Aubrey Huff, who is the only hitter on the team who can both hit for power and average. Posey did neither in the past month and the Giants need him to grow up much faster than most rookies to have a chance of reaching the playoffs. It’s unrealistic to see Posey put up the numbers he did in July, but a long hitting streak would not be out of the question. The long season might have also taken a toll with Posey hampered recently by a minor forearm strain.

4. Jeremy Affeldt

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    Before the season the Giants gave this guy a 2 year $9.5 million dollar extension, hoping that he would team with Brian Wilson to form a strong setup/closer tandem. Well Affeldt has been a letdown this year posting a 4.24 era, while making a trip to the 15 day DL in late July.

    With the current rotation struggles the bullpen has been called on to pitch more innings. Without Affeldt performing at the level of last season, the Giants have trouble getting the ball to closer Brian Wilson without running into trouble. For a strong playoff push, the team needs Affeldt to be the solid late inning pitcher that he has shown he is capable of in the past.

3. Aubrey Huff

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    Huff Daddy the unquestioned offensive leader of the squad has struggled of late. Huff only hit .239 with 2 HRs in August, a month in which the Giants were 12-14.

    The offense starts and stops with this guy. Being a left-handed hitter at AT&T Park puts Huff at a big disadvantage but he has done well at home this season. Huff has gone above and beyond all expectations but he needs to keep up that form or else the Giants will struggle to find runs.

2. Juan Uribe

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1. All the Starting Pitchers

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    A 5-13 record in August so far and a 5.56 ERA and perhaps most detrimental to the team, the staff is barely averaging over 5 IP per game. Lincecum looks lost, Cain still can’t win consistently, Zito is looking like the disaster from previous seasons, Sanchez can’t keep a promise, and Bumgarner is just a rookie.

    This was supposed to be the strength of the squad but instead they have turned into the main reason behind the Giants struggles. The staff does not need to be lights out like they were doing daily at the beginning of the season because the offense is good enough to score them an adequate amount of runs. Obviously the Giants need their rotation to carry their weight for them to have any chance of sniffing the playoffs.

Let the Chase Begin

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    It will be a tough battle to make the playoffs, but with a shot at the wild card and the division crown it is more than pausible. With help from these guys, the SF Giants will be looking to make a splash in the 2010 playoffs.