The Oakland Raiders Will Be Winning For The Fans

Randy LavelleCorrespondent IAugust 31, 2010

7 years of losing has taken it's toll on Raider fans and many are still not jumping ship.Much of the media became popular taking there shots at Al Davis and his "so called" dysfunctional franchise.

If you ask  any 99% of the players that have been on Al Davis's payroll,they would be the first to tell you that Al Davis knows more about football,then all of them combined.

It has been kind of a fashion trend to make fun of the Oakland Raiders these last 7 years.Warren Sapp and Michael Lombardi are prime examples of just that.They poke there fun at the Raiders,when in fact they were part of the problem.Losing

Times are changing and the days of taking the outlaws,bad boys and misfits are over.It's time now for guys with the "Hard work ethics",Lunch pale guys who come to work hard,study there opponent,and improve themselves and there position.Tom Cable wants "tough guys"

They themselves are tired of losing and are working extremely hard to bring this once prominate franchise back to where it belongs.Al Davis And Tom Cable have been making some good moves with free agent signings,the draft the last few years,and hiring of Hue Jackson and Greg Biekert.

Perhaps the biggest move was the releasing of the players who will not be mentioned for fear that I would be sounding like a Warren Sapp or a Micheal Lombardi.Why stoop that low

Things have really started to look promising with the recent 100% participation off season work outs.There was a mix of rookies and veterans not really taking an off season.Working so hard that injuries happen,hameys get tight,and there is only so much time to perfection.

This year we will all be witnesses.We will all witness this hard work turn into wins.Tom Cable was even quoted saying"Our whole wish and our whole goal is to bring back something to this great city".Cable believes that his team will compete and win the division.Why shouldn't he?He has improved this team on a daily basis.

Before you can make the playoffs you have to first win your division and that is the goal.1 game at a time,along with multiple wins in a row,and getting the Charger losing streak off there backs.Those are the goals that need to be addressed along the way to the ultimate goal.The Super Bowl Trophy.

Can it be done?Sure!I have seen them before slip in as a wild card and surprise everyone along the way.All with an average/mediocre quarterback who people said would never get there.His name was Jim Plunkett.

Al davis even went so far to even compare Jason Campbell to Jim Plunkett.I seem to agree.Jason like Jim,was a lunch pale,"Hard work ethic" type QB who wasn't flashy,but could do enough to win games.

This year,my fellow Raider fans,they are doing it for us.They are putting in all that extra time.They are putting there bodies through abuse,limits,and there minds in overtime to study there opponents so they can result in wins........for us,The Raider Nation!

Are you ready?