San Diego Chargers: Is It Time for a New Theme Song?

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San Diego Chargers: Is It Time for a New Theme Song?
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Check out the video with new Chargers theme music here!

Some things are just classic San Diego. Long walks on the beach, fish tacos, beautiful sunsets, ocean views, gorgeous women, no need for air conditioning, Junior Seau or Rodney Harrison knocking a fool out, and the disco-fied San Diego Super Chargers theme song

I love that theme song and so do you!

The Raider Nation can't stand it, because it means that the Bolts have scored yet again. The Bronco nation would like to hurt somebody at the mere mention of this horrendous tune. Chiefs fans will surely attempt to tomahawk chop your adam's apple if you attempt to recite this melodious tune in their presence. 

When this song plays, other teams lose. Since fans love winning, Charger fans love this song!

Other fans can't stand it, because they are not under the euphoric, hypnotic trance of another San Diego Chargers victory in progress. 

I now know all the words to this catchy tune, but the first time I heard it I was like "what the (heck) is that?! They need a new version!"

Did you love the Chargers theme song the first time you heard it?

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They did update the song in the 90's. You won't find it on, because it can't touch the original.  

The passion on the hook, the classic intro that no opposing defense wants to hear, and the excitement from the TV announcers when they can tie in the Chargers domination to the theme music in the background leads opposing fans to the same rage as a Philip Rivers one liner when he catches a defensive back out of position. 

"Ya dun goofed!"

The song is a classic that can't be topped. 

With that said, I'm going to record my own San Diego Chargers song. I want to express my feelings and zone to another Charger victory in my own way. It will never top the disco classic, but it ought to make for some short term fun.

I certainly won't be embarrassing myself by trying to make a rap version of the disco classic!

There's only one San Diego Super Chargers.

Check out my preview of the song on and I'll update you when it is done!

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