Minnesota Vikings: Is Sage Rosenfels Being Shoved Aside in the No. 2 QB Job?

Clint RhodeContributor IMarch 29, 2017

Chris McGrath/Getty Images

It was obvious from the start of the preseason games that the Minnesota Vikings lacked a backup QB situation.  Tarvaris Jackson has been treated as the starting QB all along, and the first two preseason games were no different.

Both quarterbacks, Tarvaris Jackson and Sage Rosenfels, have different tools that they can offer the Vikings when they are on the playing field. Tarvaris Jackson is more of an outside scrambler, while Rosenfels is more of a typical pocket passer that will try to throw the ball away.

The preseason numbers for both players:

  • Sage Rosenfels: 30-47 392 yards and four TDs
  • Tarvaris Jackson: 10-18 58 yards and zero TDs


Outside the numbers, Sage has looked more comfortable with the offense than Jackson ever has in his years with the Vikings. If Brett Favre were to go down this season, Vikings Coach Brad Childress seems to think that Jackson is the best option to replace him.

The coaching staff has kept a close eye on both Jackson and Rosenfels during practice, and Jackson has clearly emerged as their favorite. However, when the players take the playing field, the fans still see the old Jackson that panics when the pocket collapse around him.

The final cuts are still to come next week, so the Vikings should be asking themselves some important questions.

Sage Rosenfels has been going against the second or third team in most of the preseason. Is this why he is having the success that he is? Or are the Vikings' coaches just not ready to believe that Sage is outperforming Jackson.