Philadelphia Eagles: Five Players Who Let the Birds Down on Friday

Mike BurkeCorrespondent IAugust 30, 2010

PHILADELPHIA - MAY 1: Offensive tackle Jason Peters #71 of the Philadelphia Eagles practices during minicamp at the NovaCare Complex on May 1, 2009 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Hunter Martin/Getty Images)
Hunter Martin/Getty Images

Friday’s game against the Chiefs is not one the Eagles should be happy about. Sure, they won the game and winning is always better than losing. However, this was the last game we’ll see the starters play in before the big Week One game with the Packers.

The game on Friday was very much a disappointment, so let’s look at a few players who helped make it that way.

Mike Bell

Bell made his preseason debut on Friday, and it was lackluster to say the least. The Eagles gave him his fair share of touches in the game, but Bell failed to make any plays. At the end of the night, Bell had eight carries for 17 yards and one reception for three yards.

Maybe it’s too early to make a strong judgment, but I have no confidence in Bell as the second running back right now. He will more than likely retain that position, but he has yet to show that he’s worthy.

Jeremy Maclin

Maclin was targeted 11 times on Friday night and only had three receptions to show for it. Is that all on him? No. However, his stat sheet on the night should include way more than three receptions.

With DeSean Jackson out of the game, Maclin turned into the go-to option at receiver. He had the opportunity to have a great game, but dropped many passes and just didn’t seem interested in the game.

Kevin Kolb through a deep ball to Maclin that was right on the money but was dropped. These are the type of plays you can’t have during the regular season if you want to win football games.

Jason Peters

No surprise here. Peters continued his already awful preseason by adding costly penalties and playing at a low level.

Peters is known as a Pro Bowl player and is supposed to be considered one of the elite offensive tackles in the NFL. Since he has been in Philadelphia, this hasn’t been the case.

He has had many mental lapses during his time as an Eagle and hasn’t shown that his blocking ability is that of a Pro Bowl caliber player. His main responsibility is to protect Kolb’s blindside, and I’m not confident that he can do that at this point.

Stacy Andrews

Andrews had a disappointing 2009 season. He took a pay cut in the offseason with the intention of showing the Eagles he could truly earn the money he was making. Right now, his 2010 projection looks very dismal.

Andrews is being dominated on the line and not giving Kolb any time to throw the ball. He’s getting pushed around when run blocking. Not exactly worthy of a starting job.

With Todd Herremans back in the lineup, we could see another guard making a run for Andrews’ spot.

Asante Samuel

Was his hit on Friday awesome? Absolutely. I could watch it over and over. So why is he on my list?

As the second quarter wound down, Samuel was directly involved with the Dwayne Bowe touchdown. The Chiefs were on the four-yard line; yet Samuel was still way off the ball. There was a definite communication breakdown as well. As a veteran on a young defense, Samuel needs to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Although his big hit stands out to most, there was another play that sticks in my head. I don’t remember exactly when it happened or who was carrying the ball for the Chiefs. However, the play went around the right side of the Chiefs offense. Samuel closed the gap on the ball carrier and then let him run right by. He made no effort at a tackle and it ended up being a large gain for the Chiefs.

Samuel has proved he can hit a guy when he’s not looking. He needs to prove he can hit a guy who isn’t completely defenseless.

Which players were you disappointed with on Friday?