Chicago Bear Jay Cutler is the Worst Quarterback Starting in the NFL

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Chicago Bear Jay Cutler is the Worst Quarterback Starting in the NFL
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First things first.

Everybody, who criticized Josh McDaniels, one year ago, for trading Jay Cutler should send a handwritten apology.

Here's mine.

McDaniels should, in fact, be lauded for one of the most one-sided deals in NFL history—two first round picks, a third round pick, and Kyle Orton for 33 interceptions in preseason and regular season.

The fact that he had a lot of interceptions is not as significant as how those interceptions came about. Underthrown, overthrown, thrown straight to defenders, trying to fit into extremely tight spots. These kind of passes are never the receiver's fault. Or the offensive line's. Or the coordinator's. Or the head coach's.

Accuracy and Decision-Making

Good and great quarterbacks have the following skills: Accuracy, decision-making, quick release, quick feet, timing, strong arm, play-making under pressure, leadership, courage.

Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, and Drew Brees have all these qualities. Joe Montana, John Elway, Dan Marino, and Troy Aikman had all these qualities.

But what are their most important qualities? Accuracy and decision-making. You can have all the other skills, but both of these two, make a good quarterback. Think of any good quarterback, right now. What made Kurt Warner good? Philip Rivers? Matt Ryan?

Tebow or Cutler

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The thing is, these two qualities cannot be taught.

Evaluating His Skills

After 24 games with the Bears, one thing is clear: Jay Cutler is the worst decision maker in football. Bar none.

He has three skills: A strong arm, a quick release, and quick feet. These qualities fooled most people into thinking he was a good quarterback. However, he has shown poor accuracy, terrible decision-making, terrible leadership, terrible under pressure, terrible timing.

There is no point in deceiving yourselves Bears fans. This quarterback is not going to be a great quarterback. He isn't even a good quarterback. The jury is out on if he is can be an average quarterback. He has made his one and only Pro Bowl appearance.

He's the best bad quarterback of this generation.

The Future of the Chicago Bears

Lovie Smith is going to get fired because of this guy. Just like Mike Shanahan. The sad thing is, Lovie Smith is actually a great coach. Jerry Angelo was going to get fired, so he mortgaged the future to get a "Pro Bowl quarterback" because he was a bad drafter.

Cutler will be traded or released after the end of the 2011 season and rightfully take his place in the cultural lexicon as the new Jeff George.

But there is a bright spot for Chicago Bears fans. Dan Lefevour. This rookie has all the qualities, except an exceptionally strong arm.

Tim Tebow and Jay Cutler

Does the decision to trade Jay Cutler mean McDaniels is going to be a great coach? Only time will tell. One thing is clear: he understands quarterbacks.

It also answers the question of if Tim Tebow is going to be a success. Tebow has great accuracy, great decision making, legendary leadership and courage, quick feet, and a strong arm. The only question is the slow release.

Can Jay Cutler's million dollar arm and release and 10 cent head be better than Tim Tebow's leadership, courage, accuracy, decision-making, and timing? History has shown that the answer will be a no.

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