AL Comeback Player Of The Year Potential Winners

Matt OffermannCorrespondent IAugust 5, 2008

1. Mike Mussina

 2007- Mike was 11-10 in 28 games with a 5.15 ERA with 91 strikeouts. A lot of people have said and are saying that The Moose is the comeback player since he is having the season that rivals his 1995 season with the Orioles. This year Mike is 14-7 in 23 games with an amazing 3.44 ERA.He also has 90 strikeouts with still a lot of games to go. One of his stats that is just through the roof is that in those 23 games he has only 19 walks. As a lot of people might know Mike is also next in line for 300 wins ( I believe Johnson might be next if he didn't all ready get it ). If I had to choose Mike Mussina would be my first, second, and third choice.

2.Cliff Lee

2007- Cliff was 5-8 in 20 games with a 6.29 ERA with 66 strikeouts. Now as of right now Cliff Lee has this award in the bag. He is pitching like a phenom. This year Lee is 15-2 with an astoundishing 2.58 ERA in 22 games. Cliff has nearly doubled his strikeout total of last year to 127. I hate to say it because im pulling for moose but I would bet everything that as long as Lee keeps it up he will win this award.

3.Josh Hamilton

If there were a lifetime comeback player award Josh would definitely take it. Last year was not a bad year for him  but he has certainly come back in a big way.

2007-.292 with 19 HR and 47 RBI's in 90 games. This would not be what you would call  an all-star year but it was good. This year however is a totally different story. With all of the hype about him winning the triple crown at the beginning of the year wearing off Josh hasn't slowed down . Hamilton still leads the league in RBI's with 108 and has a solid .305 average with 27 home runs. Josh also has the home run derby on his side which everyone im sure has seen. In the first round Josh obviated the previous record by smashing 28 with three 500 ft. shots.

So in the end it is hard to pick a winner out of these guys and i know that they are not the only people in the chase for this award.However you look at it all of these three or someone I forgot (and im sure someone will remind me of who) all deserve this award for fighting back after a bad year.