Sam Bradford: Everything We (Sooner Fans) Said He Was

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Sam Bradford:  Everything We (Sooner Fans) Said He Was
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What was that adjective that Trent Dilfer used to describe the Rams selection of Sam Bradford?  Wasn't it "catastrophic"?  Sure Bradford hasn't even taken a regular season snap yet, but all indications are that Trent Dilfer may have been suffering from a little QB envy.

Sammy looked like the QB all Sooner fans know he is last Thursday.  However one could also point out that both Thaddeus Lewis and Keith Null played pretty well against the Patriot defense as well.  It could also be pointed out that the Patriots probably didn't watch one clip of film on Bradford, and definitely didn't design a defensive game plan for him.  Preseason is about what your team is doing, not so much what the other guy is doing.

Still, it truly is amazing that a former NFL QB and current analyst could miss the boat on this kid as bad as he did.  In retrospect it almost looks like it was a personal thing as opposed to objective opinion. 

According to an overwhelming majority of the so called "experts," Sam was brittle.  He was a "spread" QB who played the majority of his college ball in the shotgun, and didn't have to read defenses. 

Turns out none of those things is entirely accurate. 

First his shoulder injury was never the product of a big hit, and had nothing to do with toughness.  It clearly was in the way he landed on that shoulder, not any hit.  Drew Brees had the same type of injury and surgery, but that wasn't pointed out very much during the process.  Folks just wanted to label Sam as soft.  Putting on 30 extra pounds during his rehab was a clear indication that Sam would be back, in a big way.

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While many are quick to label the Oklahoma offense as a "spread."  Most never really take the time to see for themselves.  If they did, they would have noticed that Oklahoma actually runs kind of a "hybrid spread." There are several pro-style formations and plays within the Oklahoma offense.  Fact is during Sam's Heisman season in '08, he took over 50 percent of his snaps from under center.  He also had two 1,000 rushers behind him, something not typically seen in a "spread" offense.  The play action was and is a part of Oklahoma's offense.

Sam hasn't been in the NFL long, but he is earning the respect of the veterans at record pace.  He's doing that with his actions on and off the field.  Something that Sooner fans knew he would do all along.  Here's a few other things Sooner fans know that the rest of the football world is about to find out:

 - Sam is a third down conversion waiting to happen.  This was on display last Thursday against the Patriots starting defense.

 - He will throw less that 15 interceptions in his rookie year.  Ball security is huge with Sam as witnessed by the fact that he threw less than 20 in his two years at OU.

 - His poise and presence were on display in his very first game against North Texas in '07.  Word coming out of St. Louis is that they've noticed this since the first day of training camp.  He certainly showed it Thursday night.

 - He has no ego.  A very rare commodity these day for athletes....just ask Trent Dilfer.

Enjoy St. Louis!  You guys truly have yourselves a franchise QB.  If you protect him and provide him weapons, it could be good times in St. Louis.

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