NFL Preseason 2010: Quick Reactions From Eagles-Chiefs Game

Bob Cunningham@BCunningham215Senior Analyst IAugust 28, 2010

KANSAS CITY, MO - AUGUST 27: Kevin Kolb #4 of the Philadelphia Eagles runs for yardage during a preseason game against the Kansas City Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium on August 27, 2010 in Kansas City, Missouri.  (Photo by G. Newman Lowrance/Getty Images)
G. Newman Lowrance/Getty Images

-- Kevin Kolb was the least impressive quarterback to hit the field Friday night, and that's including Tyler Palko. He is still rushing things, can't read a defense, doesn't go through his progressions, looks panicked at the slightest hint of pressure, and plays scared.

-- Jeremy Maclin didn't help things by dropping at least three balls. One, a beautiful throw from Kolb (and a rarity so far this preseason) deep down the field was especially bad. He looked distracted and off his game all night long.

-- LeSean McCoy, who I've touted since the Eagles drafted him last year, can't seem to make anyone miss a tackle. I'm not talking about breaking tackles because that's not his game, but he isn't even showing the elusiveness to make the first guy miss. And the TD run doesn't count because if you look closely, he actually bounces off Stacy Andrews and not a defender.

-- The offensive line, despite a few mix-ups in their calls, played very well. They each had a bonehead play here and there, but overall they played very well together. Stacy Andrews especially had a few very nice blocks, and Todd Herremans looked healthy.

-- I've firmly decided that if Jamaal Jackson isn't ready to go, I want Mike McGlynn as the starting center until he is. I was about 98 percent convinced of that before, but the vast improvement he's shown over the past three games is enough to convince me 100 percent.

-- Does Brent Celek still play for the Eagles? Does anyone know?

-- DeSean Jackson is soft. Everyone knew it, and now we're seeing it. If he can't learn to deal with pain and take hits better, he's not
ever going to get any better and could really start to fade out as he gets older.

-- If Trent Cole's ankle injury is serious, this team is royally screwed.

-- Brandon Graham, Nate Allen, and Clay Harbor looked good Friday. Harbor could turn into a legitimate threat at tight end, and Kurt Coleman is making a strong push to reserve a spot on the final roster.

-- Mike Kafka looked great. The kid could really develop into something special.

-- Stewart Bradley and Ernie Sims cannot shed a blocker to save their own lives. Sims especially is useless once a guy has him engaged. As soon as they get their hands on him, he's out of the play entirely.

-- Brodrick
Bunkley seems to be getting better, while Mike Patterson seems to be (literally) taking a step of two backward. I can't count the number of times he got blown off the ball Friday and wound up hanging out with the linebackers.

-- Asante Samuel hit someone. It brought a tear to my eye.

-- Rough time for Mike Bell, but I like the persistence he shows and his refusal to go down. If he gets tackled, you can bet that defender had to really work for it.

-- J.J. Arrington sighting! Don't get used to it, however, because there's almost no way he makes the roster after missing so much time.

-- With that dropped pass, say "so long" to Charles Scott.

-- Chad Hall simply has not shown enough and, unfortunately, isn't long for this team.

-- I like Kelley Washington more every time I see him. He hasn't been as big a factor on special teams as everyone envisioned, but he made some good plays on offense Friday night and is a guy who will most likely make the final roster.

-- I'm excited to see more of Trevard Lindley. He saw some time with the starters and looked good, but it will be interesting to see if he can keep it up when the games count.

-- Macho Harris didn't see the field until the fourth quarter and, if he doesn't absolutely light up the field next week, could be a surprise cut.

-- Ditto Moise Fokou.

-- Not to harp on the Kolb thing, but he looked dreadful. If he plays like that against good teams, I don't see how the Eagles win even six games. It's truly that bad. Don't believe me? Watch the film. The eye in the sky doesn't lie.

-- Riley Cooper = real deal.

-- Eagles probably should have found a way to hold on to Andy Studebaker, the kid they drafted out of a Division 3 school a couple years back. He looks like he's molding himself into a very good role player, at the very least.

-- Where was Tracy White?

-- Daniel Te'o-Nesheim isn't even close to playing like a third-round pick. It's tough to judge a rookie too harshly, but he doesn't belong on the field. Not yet, anyway.

-- Kickoff coverage looked a little better. That's not saying a whole lot, but there it is.

-- This team, as a whole, is nowhere near ready to play the Green Bay Packers. Hey Roger Goodell, still want to tell me teams would be just fine with only two preseason games? What a ridiculous thought. There isn't a head coach in the league who would say his team is ready to go for Week One. But what the hell, as long as we can see a couple more international games, right?


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