Blast From The Past! Broncos History May Mirror The Future!

D. WebbCorrespondent IAugust 27, 2010

“After taking the head job with the Denver Broncos organization a year ago February, I met with each player individual and talked him with them for at least an hour, and then met with them as a team in our May mini-camp.  At both meetings we stressed the teamwork concept and the idea of sacrificing the personal ego a little bit to in order to fit in with the team as a whole. They had tried winning the other way as groups and individuals, they knew they couldn’t. I wanted to let them know they could win in the NFL with a team concept. We also pushed the idea of being the best conditioned team in the NFL. When they reported to training camp… I saw an amazing transformation had taken place.”


At first blush, recent converts to the Broncos faithful would assume this was a quote from our current “fearless leader”. The concept seems so fresh, new and inspiring. I definitely is a breath of fresh air in an ego driven, me first league driven by individuals, not groups.


I came across a book in a second hand store in the Sports section and immediately had to have it. “BRONCOS: The Team That Makes Miracles Happen”.  It was written by a sports reporter by the name of Lou Sahadi. It’s in perfect condition, a first edition and autographed by a Bronco Alum from the 70’s. It is an incredible log of Broncos stats, photos and history from the team’s inception to the time it was written. I have scarcely scratched the surface in the hours that I’ve had it.


But I’m geeking out and way off track!


The concept then and now is the same. Substance over Stardom, Team over Talent!

I guess some truths never change. The ability to take a group of disparate egos and individuals and mold them into a single cohesive unit with one goal, winning! Smart tenacious players make that reality, the winning one, easier to achieve.


So far the plan seems to be right on track. McDaniels has assembled a team of smart, tough, talented players who have seemingly bought into a concept both old and new.


Oh and before I go back to reading my new book, the Statement above was from the foreword of “Broncos: The Team That Make Miracles Happen” Published in 1978 about the 1977 season.


The words were Red Miller. The result was 1977 AFC Champions, the Broncos first Super Bowl appearance, and arguably the basis for the winning Broncos Teams to come.


*Personal note: This was my first full year being a Broncos fan, first year I was able to travel to Denver and see a game in person. Reading this book was a blast from the pass. If anybody wants an insight to the early years of the Broncos it’s a must read. That is if you are lucky enough to find it.