Yankees Call-Ups: Predicting the Newest Players in Pinstripes

Nick Santa MariaContributor IAugust 27, 2010

Yankees Call-Ups: Predicting the Newest Players in Pinstripes

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    As August comes to an abrupt close with prized rookie pitcher Stephen Strasburg requiring Tommy John surgery, I begin to predict what the New York Yankees are thinking with their own cherished talent.

    I have devised a list of who I think have the best chances of being called up come September first.

    Please enjoy and thank you for reading.


    Note: All Statistics are through August 27th.

Jonathan Albaladejo

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    Statistics (AAA):

    Record: 3-2

    ERA: 1.31

    Saves: 42

    Strikeouts: 80

    Without a doubt, Jonathan Albaladejo has the best call-up chance out of any rookie pitcher. His numbers have been fantastic in Scranton.

    With a rather struggling Yankee bullpen, Albaladejo can certainly add depth. He could make spot save opportunities in order to rest Mariano Rivera for the playoff race.

    In addition to outstanding numbers, Albaladejo has Major League experience. He is a part of the 40-man roster.

    Hopefully, Albaladejo can provide consistency to the Yankees, and possibly earn a spot in the playoffs. 

Lance Pendleton

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    Statistics (AA-AAA combined):

    Record: 12-4 

    ERA: 3.49

    Strikeouts: 126

    Lance Pendleton is one of the lesser known Yankee prospects. He has done a good job throughout Trenton, and is doing well in Scranton as a recent call-up.

    Personally, I think the Yankees would put him in the long relief role similar to Gaudin/Mitre.

    It will be interesting to see if he get called up or not. He has fairly good numbers, but knowing the Yankees, he probably won't be called up.

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Justin Christian

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    Statistics (AA):

    Batting Average: .283

    Homeruns: 4

    RBIs: 45

    Triples: 6

    Stolen Bases: 19


    Am I the only one who actually remembers Justin Christian from 2008? It seems like he just fell off the face of the earth.

    To those who are wondering what has happened to him, in the past two years, he spent stints with the Baltimore Orioles and currently, the New York Yankees.

    Justin Christian is lightning fast and he's just what the Yankees need. With the exception of Brett Gardner, there aren't any fast players in the lineup.

    Although they are fan favorites, Derek Jeter and Curtis Granderson have seen better days on the basepaths.

    Justin Christian can serve as a pinch runner and a fourth outfielder. I know many will disagree with this call-up, but the Yankees need speed.

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Hector Noesi

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    Statistics (A-AA):

    Record: 13-6

    ERA: 2.99

    Strikeouts: 139

    Like Lance Pendleton, Hector Noesi is one of the unknown successful Yankee pitchers.

    Hector Noesi has very good numbers during his time in the lower divisions of the New York Yankees. Hector Noesi would likely be used as a relief pitcher, but has the makings to be a average starting pitcher.

    He is on the 40-man roster, so don't be surprised if you soon see this man in pinstripes.


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Jorge Vazquez

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    Statistics (AAA):

    Batting Average: .265

    Homeruns: 13

    RBIs: 52

    Slugging Percentage: .494

    Jorge Vazquez has been on fire since being called up from AA to AAA. He has found his power in Scranton slugging 13 homeruns. What's amazing about this is that he had zero in AA.

    His batting average significantly plummeted going from .390 to .265. I think he has found his timing and has potential to be called up.

    In addition to very good batting stats, Jorge Vazquez can serve as a backup first baseman with Lance Berkman on the disabled list.

    There are many good reasons why Vazquez should be called up, and the Yankees have some thinking to do with this minor league veteran.

Familiar Faces

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    Of course I couldn't leave out the rookies who actually have been in the majors this season.

    Some very likely call-ups:

    Juan Miranda, 1B

    Colin Curtis, OF

    Chad Huffman, OF 

    Kevin Russo, IF

    Greg Golson, OF 

Brandon Laird

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    Statistics (AA):

    Batting Average: .290

    Homeruns: 23

    RBIs: 90 *League Leader

    Hits: 119

    The next Alex Rodriguez

    I'll crush that right now. There will never be another Alex Rodriguez just like there will never be another Mariano Rivera or Derek Jeter.

    Even though his batting stats are phenomenal, you haven't seen his AAA statistics.

    Statistics (AAA):

    Batting Average: .228

    Homeruns: 2

    RBIs: 19

    Hits: 18

    Reality Check! 

    This may sound like I hate Brandon Laird, which by all means, I do not.

    However, it bugs me when people try to compare an unproven rookie to such a great player as Alex Rodriguez.

    Brandon Laird has a very good shot of any third baseman to make the 40-man roster. He definitely will be an upgrade over the weak Ramiro Pena.

    I think Brandon Laird will be the next starting third baseman for the Yankees after A-Rod's departure. He's only 23 and maybe, just maybe, he can develop into a very good hitter.

Jesus Montero

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    Statistics (AAA):

    Batting Average: .285

    Homeruns: 16

    RBIs: 60

    Hits: 115

    Did anyone not see this coming?

    Jesus Montero is one of the best Yankee prospects, if not the best.

    I don't understand what the Yankees are waiting for with this very promising rookie. Please get him some major league at bats!

    Everyone is waiting just to see what this guy is made of. I actually want to know who the starting catcher will be in the next one to two years.

    I really hope the Yankees do not trade him. The Yankees need a DH for next season, and he is a top contender for the job. 

    He's not the best defensively, but he can sure hit. 

    I don't think it's the right move to hold Montero in the minors for the rest of the season.

Many More

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    I have only named a small group of players who have a good shot of being called up.

    Believe me, there are many more rookies that could be seeing action in the Bronx.

    Will pitching "bust", Kei Igawa, somehow find his way onto the Yankees?

    Will my favorite catching prospect, Austin Romine, make the big leagues this year?

    Only time will tell.