The NFL: What Will Happen In 2010

Alan DaleContributor IAugust 27, 2010

GREEN BAY, WI - AUGUST 26: Aaron Rodgers #12 of the Green Bay Packers turns to hand off against the Indianapolis Colts during a preseason game at Lambeau Field on August 26, 2010 in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The Packers defeated the Colts 59-24.  (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

With a looming lockout approaching this may be the final way fans will be able to watch the NFL in its current state.

Who knows what changes face the American Football fans but one thing is for sure this season: It could be a year of arguably the greatest parity ever in NFL history.

Following are league predictions as well as other items to be addressed.


East Division

1. Miami; 2. New England; 3. NY Jets; 4. Buffalo

Most people forget that the Jets should not have even been in last year's playoffs if it weren't for Jim Caldwell's insane need to make history for not allowing his team to make history. Miami is well coached, disciplined, and if they stay healthy, staunch enough to wear the other three teams down en route to the title; New England is still a threat with arguably the best winning QB at the controls and the league's top game planner; the Bills still have a lot of work to do but could pull of a few upsets here and there; Why do I get the feeling Ryan will end up just like his daddy -- all talk more flop.

North Division

1. Baltimore; 2. Cincinnati; 3. Pittsburgh; 4. Cleveland

Baltimore still has a top defense and an emerging QB that is aided by the arrival of WR Boldin, which makes the offense able to do a better job sharing the load; Cincinnati should take advantage of last year's success but might be better off if they jettison Owens; Pittsburgh is led by a coach who even when he won a Super Bowl was in way over his head -- c'mon, the Cardinals?  He also has a QB that should probably be in jail rather than filling peoples' head with overinflated euphoria over his performances; Cleveland is a dog and will remain a dog for at least a few years regardless of who plays QB or who the general manger is or who....

South Division

1. Indiannapolis; 2. Houston; 3. Tennessee; 4. Jacksonville

The Colts are on the way down but have enough firepower and Payton Manning to lead them to another division title; Houston's defense need to improve and hope that the offense can still have those explosive performances on a regular basis; Chris Johnson is destined to have some kind of setback due to the wear and tear and Vince Young can not lead this team back from deficits due to a questionable arm; Jacksonville will end up saying good bye to coach Jack Del Rio after they flame out once more.

West Division

1. San Diego; 2. Oakland; 3. Denver; 4. Kansas City

San Diego will win the second worst division in football by a landslide due to a high-powered offense and a defense that can get the job done; Oakland may be better than people think even if they are led by a caveman of a coach. The Raiders' D could be the league's best; Denver will be okay just not great and may still have a little bit of last year's magic in them; Kansas City may indeed be improved but they still have a long way to go and don't have a superior offense or defense to lean on.

AFC Playoffs:

Wildcard: San Diego (3) over Houston (6); New England (5) over Miami (4)

Semifinals: Indiannapolis (2) over San Diego (3); Baltimore (1) over New England (5)

AFC Title Game: Baltimore 23 Indiannapolis 20



1. Dallas; 2. NY Giants; 3. Philadelphia; 4. Washington

Dallas is the strongest team on both sides of the ball but questions abound over Wade's ability to lead a team and if Romo has the chops in the post season; the Giants will bounce back as the defense improves and the offense survives in spite of the once again weak-minded performances of the league's most overrated signal caller; Philadelphia has a future with Kolb and a good enough defense to contend; Washington is a joke. They have a coach who is so over-inflated as a genius when he never really won anything after Elways and Davis were gone and McNabb is all talk and ground balls galore.


1. Green Bay; 2. Minnesota; 3. Chicago; 4. Detroit

Call me crazy but the Packers' already tough defense should be better and Rodgers could be on the verge of being a top three QB; Minnesota will get 1,800 yards out of AP who will also fumble 15 times and cost them at least two wins while Favre looks really old...finally; Chicago has a joke of a head coach, a jerk of a quarterback, and an improving defense that probably won't be able to stay healthy; Detroit will continue to improve and beat at least one of the top three teams on the road to signa their future arrival as a threat in the North.


1. New Orleans; 2. Atlanta; 3. Carolina; 4. Tampa Bay

Arguably the second-best division in the NFL will be won by the Super Bowl champs who will have enough offense and a sufficient defense that will help break the curse of champion struggles the following years, but barely; Atlanta should win the division but Matt Ryan is still learning and their defense will have to bring it every night which they just might; Carolina is running out of time on coach Fox but their defense could do enough to keep them in the hunt; the Bucs are so bad they may end up yearning for the good ole' days of Tony Dungy.


1. San Francisco; 2. Arizona; 3. St. Louis; 4. Seattle

By far maybe the worst division of football in the history of the NFL. San Fran wins it by not having the worst team in the division and a QB with something to prove; Matt Leinhardt proves he should have been watching more film his first few seasons in the league rather than trying to show what a playa he is. Now he ain't even a player; St. Louis will get enough out of Sam Bradford and Steven Jackson to make a moves into third place and may threaten the 5-11 Cardinals for second; Seattle will play harder under Pete Carroll but their talent base is so bad that 4-12 may be a reach.

NFC Playoffs

Wildcard: New Orleans (3) over Minnesota (6); Atlanta (5) over San Francisco (4)

Semifinals: Green Bay (2) over New Orleans (3); Atlanta (5) over Dallas (1)

NFC Title Game: Green Bay (2) over Atlanta (5)

Super Bowl: Green Bay over Baltimore

Coach of the Year: Mike McCarthy (Green Bay)

Offensive Player of the Year: Aaron Rodgers (Green Bay)

Defensive Player of the Year: Ed Reed (Baltimore)

Rookie of the Year: Sam Bradford (St Louis)

Flop of the Year: Brett Favre (Minnesota)

Proved Everyone Right: Matt Leinhardt (Arizona)

Proved Everyone Wrong: Jason Campbell (Oakland)

Biggest Jerk: Jay Cutler (Chicago)

Should have been MVP but Blew It: Adrian Petersen (Minnesota)

Pleasant Story of the Year: Rodgers comes out fo the Favre shadow tied with L.T. Jets to a strong comeback season.

Team that best sets itself up for 2011 (if there is a 2011 season): Oakland

Team that appears on the precipice of a fall in 2011: New England and Dallas  


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