Why Matt Leinart Will Not Succeed In Arizona

Obee ToroCorrespondent IAugust 27, 2010

GLENDALE, AZ - AUGUST 14:  Quarterback Matt Leinart #7 of the Arizona Cardinals watches from the sidelines during preseason NFL game against the Houston Texans at the University of Phoenix Stadium on August 14, 2010 in Glendale, Arizona. The Cardinals defeated the Texans 19-16.  (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
Christian Petersen/Getty Images

There are a few components and reasons why Matt Leinart, will not have success in Arizona. The unproven Quarterback is facing many challenges. they have all to do with the recent success of the Arizona Cardinals.

      First he is replacing a great Quarterback and future Hall of Fame candidate, Kurt Warner. When Lienart, was drafted he was selected in the first round with the 10th overall pick. Ahead of him was Tennessee quarterback, Vince Young, as well as his teammate, Reggie Bush. Scouts didn't think Leinart, had an NFL caliber arm. His work ethic and dedication was also being questioned. Since he played on a team with lots of college studs. In question, was he a system quarterback?

      He played with Lendell White, who had a successful career so far, but nothing that is eye popping. Reggie Bush, who also played along with Leinart. Was explosive in college, and was considered the number one player coming out of college by some. His NFL career consist of him being a great return player and a descent running back. Matt Leinarts receivers all came into the league, and all are average at best. His college roommate Mike Williams, is still trying to make his mark and be a NFL wide out. This offense as a whole was above average and great together, but singular, they have not become stars in the NFL. My point is, Matt Leinart is in the same position, as his former teammates.

     He was the starting quarterback his rookie season. It was very good, with flashes of brilliance. Yet as a whole it was just average. He has been in Arizona, for a few seasons, behind Kurt Warner. Nobody in hind sight would question why his coaches went with Warner. But on the bench and in practice, you have a time to progress and get better. It gives the team as well as coaches a chance to observe you. To build a bit of controversy, or have them saying we have a capable back up. Those words, have never came out of Arizona's camp. As soon as Kurt Warner retired, they brought in Derek Anderson, and drafted strong armed, John Skelton.

     The fact of the matter is, if you have as much time in the NFL as Matt Leinart. Yet, nobody has seen enough from you to know if you can lead this team to the playoffs. There is something there. The division has gotten better. The team believes in you. The loyalty of that belief though, is on a short leash. He has not won anyone over with his performances. That will have to change. Can it?

     He does not scramble well. He does not have a great arm. His accuracy is average. With the expectations that Kurt Warner has created. The enthusiasm and frenzy that Arizona Cardinal fans have experienced in the last few seasons. The success that this offense has had recently. Having the best running game, perhaps ever in Arizona. All lead to great expectations, that Matt Leinart cannot deliver.