New York Jets: 10 Most Important Players on the Roster

Jayson LoveCorrespondent IAugust 27, 2010

New York Jets: 10 Most Important Players on the Roster

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    When the ESPN bus rolled into New York Jet camp this summer, Rex Ryan arrogantly signed his name on the side of the bus with the phrase, "soon to be champs."

    In order for the Jets to reach this stated goal of a Super Bowl in 2010, these five people must contribute at a very high level. 

    I say people, because I am not just looking at players, but also coaches, and executives in the New York Jets organization as the NFL is a unique sport.

    It is unique in that it isn't just line up and play, there are many intricate details including game plan, player personnel, and management of emotions that take a role in defining an NFL team.

    I have ranked these players, coaches, and executive in order from least important to most important based on the goal of a Super Bowl.  

10. Nick Folk

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    Or whoever is the kicker this year. Jay Feely wasn't the best kicker in the league, but last year Folk was one of the worst.  

    People made a huge fuss over the loss of Feely, but kicking is a year to year kind of thing. The Jets need Folk to be reliable as they will be playing a lot of defensive-minded close games. Folk is also an improvement on kickoffs. 

9. Kyle Wilson

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    If the Revis situation doesn't get resolved, Wilson will be on an island in his own right. If not, he will still be looked at on special teams and in nickel situations to contribute on his own.  

8. Kris Jenkins

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    The Jets managed to keep their defense together despite losing this guy for most of last year, but it changed what they were able to do along the line.  

    Like Jason Taylor, this guy gives the Jets a new dimension blowing up offensive lines. 

7. Jason Taylor

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    The Jets need a pass-rush. They haven't gotten it from anyone along the D-line since John Abraham. Taylor could add a new dimension to this defense.

6. LaDainian Tomlinson

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    Added to provide depth in he backfield and as a replacement for Thomas Jones, L.T. needs to provide stability to a young backfield in transition.

    He also needs to be a safety blanket for Mark Sanchez, and provide a legitimate pass-catching threat for the Jets offense.

5. Vlad Ducasse/ Matt Slauson

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    One of these two needs to step up and claim the vacated OG spot left by the release of Alan Faneca.  

    Though the numbers seemed to indicate a decline in performance by the veteran Faneca, he did provide stability and a presence on the offensive line. If neither Slauson nor Ducasse can play at this level, it would be a gaping hole on an otherwise solid O-line.  

4. Mike Tannenbaum

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    Arguably the most aggressive general manager in the NFL in terms of trading for talent and free agent acquisitions, Tannenbaum will have to manage this roster, and settle things with Darrelle Revis.

3. Darrelle Revis

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    I can't believe the holdout has gone this far. He is so high up on this list because if he plays, he turns the Jets defense into an elite unit, if he doesn't, the Jets will need to change the way they operate on that side of the ball; a truly pivotal player.  

2. Rex Ryan

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    The man who needs to manage it all. He needs to keep the egos in check, the game plans up to date, and the team cohesive and focused. 

1. Mark Sanchez

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    The team will go as far as this man takes them. The Jets were a solid team when they were hiding Sanchez, they became dynamic when he was aggressive in the playoffs.