Hypothetical Situation: Browns Draft Another QB

Matthew WilderContributor IAugust 26, 2010

Hypothetical Situation: Browns Draft Another QB

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    As every Browns fan knows, Delhomme is getting up there in age. He may retire in two to four years. As of right now, that leaves the starting job up to Seneca Wallace and Colt McCoy when that time comes.

    A big question about the near future regards the third string quarterback. Is everyone sold on Brett Ratliff as the number three? If Ratliff doesn't convince the Browns that he's a solid number three option, then it may be best to think about acquiring a very young quarterback who has a lot of potential.

    There are several the Browns can look at right now. Let's go through a list of names that could see themselves wearing a Browns jersey.

Jake Locker

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    Jake Locker could become a household name in Cleveland in the near future. Many Browns fans spoke of acquiring him in the last draft.Locker wanted to stay and finish his education instead.

    Should the Browns scout him right now? He is one of the favorites to win the Heisman Trophy.

    Stats- 2009

    230 completions, 2,800 yards, 11 Ints., 21 touchdowns, 27 times sacked, 388 rushing yards, 7 rushing touchdowns

    Height: 6-3

    Weight-226 pounds

Jacory Harris

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    The Browns tried the Ken Dorsey experiment and it failed miserably. Could Harris be a much better option?


    242 completions, 3,352 yards, 17 Ints., 24 touchdowns, 34 times sacked.

    Height: 6-4

    Weight-190 pounds

Matt Barkley

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    Barkley may develop a high enough skill level to make it to the N.F.L. The only thing that could hurt him is the two year bowl ban for USC.


    211 completions, 2,735 yards, 14 Ints., 15 touchdowns, 17 times sacked

    Height: 6-2

    Weight: 230 pounds

Terrelle Pryor

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    Browns fans could go crazy over this if Pryor develops into a great pocket passer. We saw flashes of this in the Rose Bowl. Many college football fans in general are waiting to see if that happens. Also, the national championship talk should be taken under advisement. Can Pryor lead the Buckeyes a national championship victory,eight years after defeating Miami? That is something the Browns may want to pay very close attention to.


    167 completions, 2,094 yards, 11 Ints., 18 touchdowns, 21 times sacked, 779 rushing yards, 7 rushing touchdowns


    Weight: 233 pounds

Greg McElroy

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    Greg McElroy may have a great chance at improving his skills now that he's under the radar. There is a lot of pressure on him since Alabama won the national championship.


    198 completions, 2,508 yards, 4 ints., 17 touchdowns, 18 times sacked

    Height 6-3

    Weight: 225

Ricky Stanzi

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    Stanzi is becoming one of the most prolific active quarterbacks. He shredded defenses last year, led Iowa to the Orange Bowl victory over Georgia Tech, and he has received a ton of media attention. He deserves every bit of it.


    171 completions, 2,417 yards, 15 Ints., 17 touchdowns, 23 times sacked

    Height 6-4

    Weight 230 pounds

Scott Tolzien

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    Scott Tolzien is developing as well. Look out, he could be making some noise soon.


    211 completions, 2,705 yards, 11 Ints., 16 touchdowns, 21 times sacked

    Height: 6-3

    Weight: 208 pounds

Jeremiah Masoli

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    This would likely be a very risky move. He has a troubled history with the law. However, being on the Ole Miss roster now, Head Coach Houston Nutt will have him on a very tight leash. If he can keep himself out of trouble, the Browns might take a look at him.


    177 completions, 2,146 yards, 6 Ints., 15 touchdowns, 9 times sacked, 668 rushing yards, 13 rushing touchdowns

    Height: 5-11

    Weight: 220 pounds

The Risks

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    Whether you like or not, Colt McCoy may start for the Browns at some point. Could drafting another quarterback make him nervous? That would be a possibility.

    Also, what message does that send to Seneca Wallace? Does it send any message at all?

    What about Brett Ratliff? Do we know for sure he is unfit to play in any regualr season game?

The Benefits

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    As previously mentioned, Jake Delhomme will likely retire soon. Colt McCoy or Seneca Wallce will replace him. So, that could leave the Browns with McCoy, Wallace, and Ratliff. It does not appear the Browns are sold on Ratliff, which could open the door for a young quarterback looking to prove he belongs on a NFL roster. There are many quarterbacks to look at and this information is likely just scratching the surface.

    The Browns could use this as an oportunity to develop a core of excellent, young quarterbacks and thus prepare for the future of this team. They can keep Wallace around as the only veteran quarterback, while having McCoy and someone else under tutelage until the right time.