Colt McCoy on the Hot Seat, Seriously?

Matthew WilderContributor IAugust 26, 2010

Colt McCoy on the Hot Seat, Seriously?

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    Plain Dealer reporter Tony Grossi made a very illogical statement. He suggested Colt McCoy needs a strong performance or he may be cut.

    Excuse me! You mean to tell me that the Browns have completely evaluated McCoy with just a few plays Mr. Grossi? Not so fast, my friend.

This is Holmgren's team and his decision

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    Mike Holmgren wanted Colt McCoy. Why would the new Team President make enemies in Cleveland by cutting out a potential savior? C'mon man!

McCoy's Character is Ideal for the Browns

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    McCoy is a hardworking, humble quarterback who knows how to win. He is after all, the winningest college quarterback of all time. Tell me how the Browns just wasted a perfectly good draft pick on the all-time leader in wins. Nice job Grossi!

He Has So Much Potential

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    We know what McCoy brings to the table. Excellent throwing power, accuracy, precision, and range. The team would be fools to ignore his skills. Yeah, they need to be improved. However, McCoy has one of the best hard work ethics that any rookie quarterback of recent memory has shown.

He Has Great Leadership to Teach Him

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    Jake Delhomme knows both success and failure. Who's a better teacher for the man?