Ranking Fantasy Football Running Backs 21-40

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Ranking Fantasy Football Running Backs 21-40
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So, the first couple rounds of your fantasy football draft are over and the top tailbacks are all gone. If you aren’t ready to concentrate on quarterbacks and receivers and think you need another back for your running attack, there are plenty of second-tier guys you will be able to select.

You can never have enough running backs in fantasy football, just like you can never have enough pitching in fantasy baseball—or like you can never have enough fines for Chad Ochocinco. Most fantasy leagues allow you to play three RBs per week, and since they are more consistent point-getters than receivers or tight ends and because you play more running backs than quarterbacks in your weekly lineup, the position is in more demand than any other in fantasy football.

If you read my last column you saw my top 20 fantasy running backs for 2010. Now here is the next 20!

21. Matt Forte, Chicago Bears

I am not as worried about Chester Taylor’s presence as many other fantasy pundits are. Did Taylor ruin Adrian Peterson’s fantasy value in Minnesota? Hardly. Look for Forte to bounce back, as will the rest of the Bears, thanks to Mike Martz’s high-powered offense.

22. Joseph Addai, Indianapolis Colts

I am predicting more and more of understudy Donald Brown and less and less of Addai as the season wears on, though Addai should still fall into 900 yards and eight scores at least.

23. Brandon Jacobs, New York Giants

Countless injuries and relentless pounding have taken a toll on this big man’s body. Jacobs is starting to run like Jamal Lewis did toward the end of his career.

24. Felix Jones, Dallas Cowboys

No one is faster in the open field and no one besides Chris Johnson is a bigger threat to go to the house every time he has the ball. That being said, injuries and Marion Barber have gotten in Jones’ way more than opposing defenders the past couple seasons.

25. Ronnie Brown, Miami Dolphins

Not too sure how Brown will bounce back from his serious foot injury, although he has been playing in the preseason and looking like he will be ready to run the Wildcat at season’s start.

26. Jerome Harrison, Cleveland Browns

Just like Kansas City’s Jamaal Charles, Harrison probably single-handedly won fantasy championships for millions in 2009 because of his amazing late-season stretch—561 rushing yards and five touchdown in Cleveland’s final three contests.

27. Clinton Portis, Washington Redskins

Washington has assembled the strangest stable of past-their-prime running backs in the league, and Portis is the top dog of the old dogs. If anyone can add life to Portis’ dying fantasy value, it is old coach Mike Shanahan, who helped put Portis on the fantasy map during their Denver days.

28. Marion Barber, Dallas Cowboys

It is hard to believe that Barber’s teammate Mr. Jones is going to remain injury-free for 16 games. Barber came into camp lighter and should be a multi-category threat once again.

29. Michael Bush, Oakland Raiders

Seriously, you think Darren McFadden is staying on the field for more than three straight weeks? The guy has more toe problems than someone suffering from foot fungus. Bush will be the primary ball carrier for the silver and black.

30. Arian Foster, Houston Texans

The preseason claimed another victim when highly-touted rookie Ben Tate suffered a season-ending injury. Steve Slaton’s fumble and neck problems open the door for Foster to be the lead back.

31. Carnell Williams, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

This guy has more lives than all of the cats combined on an episode of Confessions: Animal Hoarding. Polish up "Cadillac" for 870 hard-charging yards and eight touchdowns.

32. Ricky Williams, Miami Dolphins

Spark up the peace pipe and send out a smoke signal to one of marijuana’s biggest proponents. Williams proved he is not ready to retire and chill with Cheech and Chong when he racked up 1,121 rushing yards and 13 touchdown in 2009.

33. Ahmad Bradshaw, New York Giants

This guy had a busy offseason. Bradshaw had about 100 surgeries done on just about every limb on his body. He is a better all-around back than Brandon Jacobs and could be the one with more fantasy value in the end if he keeps his ankles from getting too twisted.

34. Reggie Bush, New Orleans Saints

Kim Kardashian’s and USC’s ex cannot keep his knees tear-free for an entire season, even when he only plays sparingly behind Pierre Thomas. Bush will probably have three 100-yard games, and he will probably miss four games due to injury.

35. Justin Forsett, Seattle Seahawks

He is shifty, speedy, and slippery (5.4 ypc in 2009), which is why new head coach Pete Carroll will be more apt to give him the starting nod than make the same mistake other coaches have made by handing the reigns to Julius Jones.

36. Laurence Maroney, New England Patriots

The Pats employed a 40-back attack last season in which they had Tom Brady handing off to everybody from Fred Taylor to Sammy Morris to Carrot Top. The running back committee looks like it will be used again and Maroney will be the one getting more carries than anyone else.

37. C.J. Spiller, Buffalo Bills

The Clemson product has to battle perennial problem child Marshawn Lynch and fleet-footed Fred Jackson to break away from Buffalo’s three-headed running monster and be the main man.

38. LaDainian Tomlinson, New York Jets

Can the best offensive line in the NFL block Father Time so L.T. can score double-digit touchdowns for the 10th-straight season? Tomlinson certainly would enjoy shutting up former teammates and outspoken Antonio Gates and Philip Rivers with a huge comeback campaign.

39. Thomas Jones, Kansas City Chiefs

Jones was rudely dumped by the Jets in favor of Greene and "the other L.T." after all he did was rush for 3,833 yards and score 31 touchdowns in three seasons for "Gang Green." He will be a thorn in the aforementioned Charles’ side all season long.

40. Donald Brown, Indianapolis Colts

Brown will not make anyone forget about Edgerrin James this year, but maybe a couple seasons down the road he will.


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