Jets Getting Cocky After One Trip To The AFC Championship

Johnny RehabCorrespondent IAugust 25, 2010

Yes Jets fans, we all know you guys made it to the AFC Championship game and now all of a sudden you guys think you are one of the greatest teams ever.

But it's the way that you got there that is lame and Mark Sanchez did not lead you to the playoffs either.

Kellen Clemens could have put up the numbers that Sanchez did and the rookie excuse is old. Joe Flacco and Matt Ryan did just fine as rookies. One playoff run does not make your team great, your number one running game and defense took you there, not your QB.

You were lucky to even make the playoffs because the Colts had QB Curtis Painter play the majority of the game in Week 16 so they could rest their starters and the Bengals didn't even bother to show up to the game in Week 17 registering no points.

Your number one running game went to Kansas City(Thomas Jones, Arizona(Alan Faneca), and Seattle(Leon Washington).

I think Shonn Greene has a bright future, but he has not been tested as the workhorse over a full NFL season and I don't know how he will fare, only time will tell.

You beat the Patriots once last season in Week two 16-9 and I have heard lots of Jets fans say "respect the team that beat yours".

All I can do is laugh when I see that because in Week eleven the Patriots beat you 31-14 and tied for the most points scored against your defense last year(Miami, it seems you have a divisional rivals that are not scared of you).

While the AFC East still goes through Gillette stadium(the Patriots won the division last year, that would also explain why the Patriots had to play against a tougher opponent than the Jets who had a wild card), the Patriots do not have the targets on our backs this year, the Jets do and the best part of all this is that the Patriots are flying under the radar(last time this happened we beat the "Greatest show on turf").

Without Darelle Revis, your secondary will be exposed like a streaker on crack inside a busy mall and while I think Antonio Cromartie can turn around his career in NY in Rex Ryan's agressive scheme, asking Cromartie to cover Baby T.O.(Brandon Marshall) and Randy Moss twice a year might be a bit much to ask of him.  

Cromartie needs to start hitting as well if he wants to spend another year with the Jets, Cromartie failed to make tackles last year in the playoffs for the Chargers and instead let the opponents right by him.

For the offense to be effective Braylon Edwards needs to start catching the ball and Sanchez needs to stop throwing interceptions.

Santonio Holmes the former drug dealer(Holmes admitted this though I have no idea why he would do that) and super bowl savior for the Steelers needs to get his act together.

Holmes is a dangerous receiver, but he is useless with a suspension. Dustin Keller needs to step up his game in the passing game and be a more realiable target for Sanchez.

I'll admit I watched the first episode of Hard Knocks with the Jets and John Connor aka "The Terminator" looks like a beast, but I don't think he will start over veteran Tony Richardson.

I did learn something from watching that episode though, the Jets staff like to print out everything on the internet with people talking trash about the Jets, much like my article, so to the Jets staff I would like to tell you to get Rex Ryan in the gym and on the treadmill to lose some weight.

I would not be parading around like you guys were the super bowl champs already and it is just going to get your players hurt in the regular season. I know the Saints will take offense to that and Darren Sharper is not a player you want to piss off because he will knock you out.

Another team that you will have to worry about is the Ravens in week one of the season, Jets fans keeping on bringing up the fact that the Patriots lost to the Ravens and the Patriots lost by 19 points which is not that much.

Funny how Jets fans bring up the that the Patriots lost to the Ravens in the playoffs, but they seem to forget that they lost to the Colts in the playoffs by 13 points. We both lost by double digits so who the f*ck do you think you are?

Since the Jets are so playoff naive, they forgot that the Colts have more experience in the playoffs, seeming as how the Jets have only made two afc championship games in the last 42 years.

With the target on the Jets back from proclaiming themselves the champs already, Ray Lewis will knock someone out for the season coming accross the middle and Haloti Ngata/Mt. Cody will pummel Sanchez all game long.

Remember Jets fans that the Patriots lost by 19 points and the Ravens also have Anquan Boldin now, so Jets fans you better hope Revis comes back with a quickness because the Ravens are going to pummel you in week 1.

Good luck to you and don't forget to hit the EJECT Button when the Jets start spiraling down out of control, also, try not to lose to the Bills this season again.