Window Shopping With Oakland's First Round Pick

Johnny RehabCorrespondent IAugust 25, 2010

Window Shopping With Oakland's First Round Pick

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    I know it is way too early to be doing this, but that is why I put window shopping in the title.

    Depending on how much success new Raiders' QB Jason Campbell can generate, we are looking at a potentially top ten pick if they don't generate success and if they do, I would think the pick would be anywhere from 10-15.

Mark Ingram

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    Mark Ingram might not even leave next school and might stay for his senior season, but I'm hoping he doesn't.

    Ingram is a strong runner and has yet to fumble the ball with the 797 he has had the ball in his hands(got the number by adding everytime he has touched the ball in the past 2 seasons receiving included).

    Ingram would provide a strong young RB that can break tackles and take it the distance if the team decides to out Maroney this year.

Allen Bailey

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    Allen Bailey is a beast and can't believe he use to play fullback/linebacker. He stands at 6'4 and 290lbs, but can still add some more weight.

    Bailey can rush the passer, force fumbles, and is just a natural playmaker. He has no character issues or off the field problems.

    Last season Bailey was awarded the Strenght Training Athlete of the year at Miami so he is obviously a gym rat and he will definitely go in the top ten.

    BB loves versatile players and Bailey can play both defensive end and defensive tackle.

Marcell Dareus

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    Marcell Dareus is a junior that might not come out, but if he does this 6'4 and 306lbs defensive lineman would be a great addition to the Patriots defensive line.

    Dareus can play both defensive end and defensive tackle. Dareus can rush the QB and also play the run well.

Adrian Clayborn

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    Adrian Clayborn is a monster and is athletic for a guy his size too(6'4 and 285lbs).

    Clayborn would have to drop some weight to play OLB and he might even sneak out of the top ten because of off the field issues and character concerns, but he is definitely entering the draft because he is a senior.

    Clayborn can rush the QB and play the run, he forces alot of fumbles too.

Julio Jones

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    Julio Jones could go in the top ten depending on how bad his 40 time is, but he is a talented receiver standing at 6'4 and 220lbs.

    Jones would be a great addition to the team should Randy Moss decide to leave the Patriots and Jones would be a great target for Brady in the redzone.

Jonathan Baldwin

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    Jonathan Baldwin looks like he can be the next wide receiver with a transformer(Calvin Johnson "Megatron") name standing at a intimidating 6'5 and 225lbs.

    Baldwin is a big physical receiver that can jump and bring down the ball, he would also be a redzone nightmare for defensive coordinators.

    Baldwin could really help in the ruuning game too because he could flip corners over like they were rag dolls.

Anthony Castonzo

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    Anthony Castonzo would solidify another tackle spot with the aging Matt Light, Castonzo stands at 6'7 and 308lbs.

    This would be a safe pick because there are no character concerns or off the field issues with Castonzo. Castonzo has played both left and right tackle, also played as a defensive lineman and tight end in high school.

    Castonzo is as smart as they come so he has to have a high football IQ.

Michael Floyd

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    Michael Floyd is another junior that may not enter the draft and stay for his senior year, like the rest of the receivers that may go early, Floyd is a big receiver standing at 6'3 and 227lbs.

    If Floyd has a good 40 time and no red flags or injuries he could be a nice addition.

DeMarcus Love

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    DeMarcus Love protected QB Ryan Mallet good so far in his collegiate career and should have a strong senior year, Love stands at 6'5 and 315lbs.