Jim Schwartz and Martin Mayhew Have Some Decisions To Make; Let Me Help

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Jim Schwartz and Martin Mayhew Have Some Decisions To Make; Let Me Help

Two games into the preseason and I can't wait for those Bears on opening day but we can't go there yet.

We have some business to take care of yet. We have to get this down to a final 53 first, just who are we going to see in Chicago and who are we going to hope makes it to the practice squad.

Even a couple of starting spots to be decided and maybe an addition or two for us to consider.

Before we start hoping for that next OLB or CB from the waiver wire or maybe a little more Mayhew magic consider this. From this point in the pre-season last year until their first game the Lions added;

Glenn Holt WR Waivers

Rufus Alexander LB FA

Kevin O'Connell QB Waivers

Cletis Gorden CB Waivers

Ko Simpson S Trade

Copeland Bryan DE Waivers

Yamon Figures WR Waivers

Marcus McCauley CB Waivers

Kevin Hobbs DB Waivers

That's a lot of movement but answer this, how many of those players would make this Lion team?

I guess we have to say Ko Simpson might and that Kevin O'Connell thing worked out nice but other than that I don't see much there to get excited about.

Now remember that the Lions had first dibs on waivers last year, this year we have to hope the Rams don't claim a player first.

I'm not saying there is no help coming, I'm just saying don't count on it coming from the waiver wire.

The one advantage the Lions have over last year is some of the veterans that don't survive the final cuts may have an interest in playing here.

Last year I'm sure their agents were on orders to not return Mayhew's calls. This year an eight or ten year vet might consider it if he wants a little playing time.

That could work for me if it's the right player at the right position, a linebacker and a defensive back just might push this team into the playoffs.

More likely it will have to be a trade because Mayhew has built the talent level up to where the usual cut player isn't an upgrade.

But that's not what I wanted to talk about right now.

I want to discuss each positional group and look at who's in and who's out. Do we need to upgrade and what can we expect out of each group this year.

Two weeks into the pre-season most of the positions are set, the first twenty players will come off the board easily however those last half a dozen cuts are looking tough to call right now.

But enough talk, let's get to work.

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