10 Reasons the New York Jets are Better Than Tom Brady's Patriots

Larry KornweissCorrespondent IAugust 25, 2010

10 Reasons the New York Jets are Better Than Tom Brady's Patriots

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    Tom Brady must be jealous.  Really jealous. 

    What other reason could there be for the New England Patriots’ golden boy to publically state his hatred for the New York Jets and their appearance on the hit HBO series Hard Knocks? 

    The first two episodes of Hard Knocks have provided NFL fans with nothing short of serious entertainment.  From foul language to food to shake weights, head coach Rex Ryan and Gang Green have left all viewers wanting more. 

    So what if Tom Brady hates the Jets?  New York Jets’ fans probably hate him even more. 

    With that said, I thought this would be a nice opportunity to let Tom Brady know where New York Jets' fans stand on his opinions, his commentary, and his hair. 

    Welcome to “10 Reasons The New York Jets are Better than Tom Brady’s Patriots”- enjoy!

10. The Jets Play For The Fans Of New York City

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    The Jets play in the financial and media capital of the world.

    Tom Brady and the Patriots play for Beantown.

    Wall Street trades money, Boston traded beans. 

    What would you choose?

9. Antonio Cromartie's Personal Brady Bunch

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    The Jets’ Antonio Cromartie's life is like a Jon and Kate Plus Eight episode, only with one less child and a male counterpart/coach who is as boisterous (and perhaps louder) than Kate Gosselin.

    Cromartie has fathered more babies out of wedlock than the Patriots’ quarterback Tom Brady- Cromartie has a 7 kid total (6 out of wedlock) while Brady has a 2 kid total (1 out of wedlock). 

    In fact, Cromartie has so many kids that he actually had a difficult time remembering their names during a Hard Knocks interview.

    OK, so maybe this doesn't make him cooler than Tom Brady but it sure is funny.

8. Sideline Fashion

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    The Jets spend money on stylish apparel for their coaching staff to wear along the sidelines while Coach Bill Belichick has worn the same gray hoodie since the Bush Administration.

    Let's hope he at least throws it in the washing machine every once in awhile.

7. Rex Versus Bill

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    The Jets have a coach who speaks his mind and entertains the fans. 

    The Patriots have a coach who’s wound tighter than a spool of thread. 

6. 30 Minutes From The Super Bowl

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    The Jets had a great playoff run, making it to last season's AFC Championship game and falling a mere 30 minutes short of a Super Bowl appearance.  

    Tom Brady and the Patriots? 

    They watched the game from their living room couches.

5. Hot Dogs

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    New England Patriots' wide receiver Randy Moss hot dogs it on the field. 

    New York Jets' quarterback Mark Sanchez eats hot dogs on the sideline AND even has the moxy to ask for mustard.

    If that isn't cool then what is?

4. Curtis Martin

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    Hall-Of-Fame RB Curtis Martin played for both the Jets and the Patriots. 

    What team colors does the former RB and GQ model Martin still bleed? 

    The green and white of the Jets.


3. Spygate

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    Which team was accused of videotaping their opponents' practices?

    Would you like a hint?

    It wasn't the Jets.

2. Hard Knocks

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    The Jets were asked to be the featured team on HBO's Hard Knocks.

    Tom Brady and his Patriots weren't.

    HBO knows a good thing when it sees it.

1. Brady Has Bieber Hair

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    Is there anything less cool than a 33-year old man trying to sport the same hairstyle as a 16-year old boy?

    Tom Brady has a Bieber cut. 

    I rest my case your honor.